I saw an article on The Big Lead today that asked who the luckiest quarterbacks are, in terms of the super hot girlfriends they’re dating. I thought I’d add in a few of the QB wives in the league to spice up the competition.

Here are the candidates:

  • Jason Campbell – Washington Redskins
    Dating Mercedes Lindsay (Miss District of Columbia 2007)

    Mercedes Lindsay - Dating Jason Campbell

  • Jeff Garcia – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Dating Carmella DeCesare (Playmate of the Year, 2004)

    Carmella DeCesare - Dating Jeff Garcia

  • Tom Brady – New England Patriots
    Dating Gisele (Supermodel)

    Gisele - Dating Tom Brady

  • Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys
    Dating Sophia Bush (actress)

    Sophia Bush - Dating Tony Romo

  • Peyton Manning – Indianapolis Colts
    Married to Ashley Manning (real estate developer)

    Ashley Manning - Wife of Peyton Manning

  • Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints
    Married to Brittney Brees

    Brittney Brees - Wife of Drew Brees

  • Carson Palmer – Cincinnati Bengals
    Married to Shaelyn Palmer

    Shaelyn Palmer - Wife of Carson Palmer

  • Brett Favre – Green Bay Packers
    Married to Deanna Favre

    Deanna Favre - Wife of Brett Favre

I could add others including soccer starlet Heather Mitts, girlfriend of Philadelphia Eagles backup QB A.J. Feeley, or Allison Rattay, wife of current Arizona backup QB Tim Rattay, or Kollette Klassen, the on-again-off-again girlfriend of the currently retired Jake Plummer, or even Elisabeth Hasselbeck (of Survivor fame and co-star of The View), wife of New York Giants’ third-string QB Tim Hasselbeck….but we’ve got to draw the line somewhere so let’s stick with starting QBs.

So who do you think is the hottest?

4 Responses to “Hottest NFL Quarterback Girlfriends and Wives”
  1. chasem says:

    Just came across this site…..How about Matt Schaub’s wife Laurie a former NFL Cheerleader.

  2. thekohser says:

    Joey Harrington’s wife Emily is the whole package — cute, professional (cardiac transplant specialist), and athletic (ran the Miami marathon).

  3. Anonymous says:

    WTF Gizell is hotter then all these posers

    Yeah tom brady got the best chick……………………..

  4. KOB says:

    Tom Brady may have gotten the best looking wife, but Gizell did NOT get the Best all around husband!

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