Forbes recently came out with a list of the richest celebrity chefs. Ok, well maybe it is more like the top-earning celebrity chefs since the list isn’t based on net worth.

You may see several on the list that you recognize.

Rachael Ray
$18 million
Rachael Ray is a Food Network star and author that made her mark with her hit series 30 Minute Meals. Media queen Oprah gave her endorsement and of course whatever Oprah touches, mentions, or even thinks turns to gold.
Wolfgang Puck
$16 million
Wolfgang Puck is an Austrian celebrity chef with about 15 famous restaurants, several cookbooks, and other products licensed under his name.
Gordon Ramsay
$7.5 million
Gordon James Ramsay is a celebrity chef with several restaurants and famous TV shows including Hells Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.
Nobuyuki Matsuhisa
$5 million
Nobuyuki Matsuhisa (known to most as simply Nobu) is a highly influential chef and founder of the Nobu, Matsuhisa, and Ubon restaurants located all over the world. His most recent NOBU restaurants were opened in Tokyo, Waikiki, Melbourne, and San Diego in 2007.
Alain Ducasse
$5 million
Alain Ducasse is a famous French Chef with fine dining restaurants in Monaco and Paris.
Paula Deen
$4.5 million
Paula Deen is an American cook and an Emmy Award-winning television personality on the Food Network. She also has 5 cookbooks and has appeared on QVC and Oprah.
Mario Batali
$3 million
Mario Batali is the lovable Italian American chef and TV personality. He has been on the Food Network for many years with his own show Molto Mario and a feature on Iron Chef America.
Tom Colicchio
$2 million
Tom Colicchio is a famous American chef and is co-owner and executive chef of the Gramercy Tavern in New York City. Most people know him as the head judge of the hit reality TV show on Bravo Top Chef.
Bobby Flay
$1.5 million
Bobby Flay is an American celebrity chef and TV personality on the Food Network. He owns and serves as executive chef in 5 restaurants including the Mesa Grill and Bar Americain in New York City, Mesa Grill in Las Vegas, Mesa Grill in Bahamas, and Bobby Flay Steak in Atlantic City. Bobby Flay is a featured Iron Chef on Iron Chef America, has had 7 other shows on the Food Network and has released 6 cookbooks.
Anthony Bourdain
$1.5 million
Anthony Bourdain is an American chef, author, and TV celebrity personality. He gained national fame for his cookbook released in 2000 called Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly and extended his fame as the host of Travel Channel’s culinary show Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.

You may notice someone that isn’t on the list. I’ll give you a hint…….. BAM!!!

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