One of the many concerns I hear from my Pilates clients is how can I tone up my arms? What girls doesn’t want toned and cut shoulders and triceps. Bingo arms are a no go. If waving goodbye causes your upper arms to jiggle, then diet and exercise will do the trick in the long run, but what if you want to tighten them up tonight?

I came across this product called FLABuLESS. Now, I’ve never used this product, but we’ve all tried SPANX, right? So we know shapewear does work. It just redistributes the fat and holds it in. The FLABuLESS arm shapewear will give you the illusion of sleeker arms. It can only be worn under long or cropped sleeved shirts or in addition to a sleeveless top and comes in two colors: Black and copper nude. Chocolate, bone and navy will be added to their collection soon. Sizes range form small to 4X.

“While a percentage of our customers may label themselves as overweight, many are diet conscious active women who tend to gain in the arm region creating bulges, or have simply lost skin elasticity resulting in sagging arms,” says Lee Stevenson, creator of FLABuLESS shapewear.

You can buy the entire FLABuLESS shapewear collection here.

If you’ve ever used any product from the FLABuLESS collection let me know!

3 Responses to “FLABuLESS Shapewear to Slim Arms”
  1. Soo says:

    How can i order the Flabuless Shapewear to Slim Arm ? i stayed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia now.
    Can you please send me more detail about the Slim Arm wear. I need to know S size is equal to how many cm of the arm ?

  2. Kelly Lim says:

    Hi, I am from Singapore. I would like to know where can i get the “FLABuLESS Shapewear to Slim Arms”.

    Thanks you.

  3. Grace says:


    How can I order this “Flabuless Shapewear to Slim Arm”. I lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia now and would very much like to know the details of the product and how to go about ordering and getting it delivered to my door step.


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