I usually don’t watch Oprah, but had to record last week’s episode with Gwyneth Paltrow. Oprah showed a clip of Paltrow’s workout with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, who also trains Madonna. So I Googled the girl and found this article on How to Lose 20 Pounds in 6 Weeks.

Tracy Anderson has a very unique training regimen that consists of 1 hour of her cardio dance routine and 1 hour of toning exercises. She uses no more than 3-pound weights and promises that any woman can achieve a tiny dancer-like body. I ordered her dance workout dvd and will try to follow this diet as long as I possibly can. Hey, I’m going to Hawaii in 2 months. I gotta look good! I’ll let you know if I have positive results. Here’s the article and video clip:

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Workout Routine with Tracy Anderson

Madonna’s Trainer: How to Lose 20 Pounds in 6 Weeks
Thursday May 1, 2008

Two pounds a week is the typically advised weight loss, but pro Tracy Anderson says she has worked out a way to safely shed even faster!

“It’s perfectly healthy,” the former dancer, 33, tells Us of her plan. And the results of her regime speak for themselves in the super-fit physiques of clients Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, not to mention her own transformation (the 5-foot mom dropped from 140 to 95 pounds).

“My formula works on everyone as long as they’re consistent,” says the trainer, who has a studio in L.A. She developed her signature strategy, to shape any body into a “teeny-tiny dancer type,” after testing 100 women for five years independently (because “the government isn’t going to fund seeing if you can get a Victoria’s Secret butt out of any woman!”).

The key, she says, is to constantly change the routine. Her students log six two-hour sessions weekly, dancing and hitting the Hybrid Body Reformer (a pulley-system machine available only in her studio, but not necessary to this plan). Promises Anderson, “You’ll keep the weight off!”

The Diet
This short-term diet “ensures you lose between 3 and 5 pounds a week,” says Anderson. The diet bans processed food, dairy and all spices (“They’re bloating and upset your digestive system, which causes you to store fat”), oil and sauces (“They’re just added calories”), discourages drinking alcohol or caffeine (sip 1.5 to 3 liters of water daily instead) and prescribes one serving of whole-grain carbs a day. Once you’re at your target weight, adopt a healthy but less restrictive diet.

Below are three weeks’ worth of menus. You can follow as is, or mix and match complete days’ menus to your liking.

1 cup Kashi cereal, with ½ cup plain — or vanilla — nonfat rice milk
3 oz grilled chicken breast — or fresh turkey breast (no deli meat!) — with ½ cup each of chopped cucumber and tomatoes
1 cup mixed berries (try raspberries, blackberries and blueberries)
1 cup organic pasta with ½ cup steamed spinach

1 cup Kashi cereal, with ½ cup plain—or vanilla—nonfat rice milk
2 hardboiled eggs with ½ cup each of baby carrots and cherry tomatoes
3 to 5 oz grilled sea bass with ½ cup steamed spinach

1 cup steel-cut oatmeal made with water and ½ cup fresh blueberries
3 oz grilled chicken breast — or fresh turkey breast (no deli meat!) — with ½ cup each of chopped cucumber and tomatoes
1 cup mixed berries (try raspberries, blueberries or red grapes)
3 to 5 oz grilled salmon with ½ cup steamed broccoli

1 cup Kashi cereal, with ½ cup plain — or vanilla — nonfat rice milk
½ cup each of fresh spinach, beet root, tomatoes and cucumbers, with 2 tsp tahini
1 snack cup of sugar-free Jell-O
3 to 5 oz grilled chicken breast with ½ cup steamed spinach

1 cup Kashi cereal, with ½ cup plain — or vanilla — nonfat rice milk
2 hard-boiled eggs with 4 to 5 celery sticks and 4 to 5 carrot sticks
1 cup penne pasta with ½ cup each of steamed spinach and chopped steamed tomatoes

1 cup Kashi cereal, with ½ cup plain — or vanilla — nonfat rice milk
3 oz fresh turkey breast with ¼ cup each of cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts and beets, plus 1 slice whole-grain bread
1 cup fresh strawberries
3 to 5 oz grilled sea bass with ½ cup steamed fresh green beans

2 poached eggs with 3 slices veggie bacon
1 whole-grain wrap with ¼ cup of chopped avocado and ½ cup each of chopped cucumber and tomatoes
10 to 15 red grapes
3 to 5 oz grilled chicken breast with ½ cup steamed spinach

2 poached eggs with 3 slices veggie bacon
3 oz fresh turkey breast with ½ cup each of chopped cucumber and tomatoes
3 to 5 oz grilled salmon with ½ cup steamed Brussels sprouts or ½ cup steamed spinach

1 cup vanilla — or plain — nonfat rice milk and one poached egg
2 sushi rolls (about 10 pieces total) of your choice (none should include mayo, nor may you add soy sauce)
1 cup soy pudding
3 to 5 oz grilled chicken breast with ½ cup steamed spinach

1 cup vanilla — or plain — nonfat rice milk and one poached egg
2 celery stalks with 2 to 4 tsp almond butter
3 to 5 oz fresh turkey breast with 1 sweet potato

1 cup vanilla — or plain — nonfat rice milk and one poached egg
1 slice whole-grain toast with 2 slices veggie bacon with ½ cup each of tomatoes and spinach
3 to 5 oz grilled sea bass with ½ cup steamed spinach

1 cup vanilla — or plain — nonfat rice milk and 1 poached egg
2 slices whole-grain bread with 3 oz fresh turkey, 2 slices of tomato, 3 to 4 slices of cucumber and romaine lettuce, and 2 tsp mustard
3 to 5 oz grilled salmon with ½ cup steamed kale

1 cup vanilla — or plain — nonfat rice milk and 1 poached egg
1 cup quinoa with ½ cup each of chopped parsley, spinach and tomatoes
3 to 5 oz grilled chicken breast with ½ cup steamed spinach

1 cup vanilla — or plain — nonfat rice milk and 1 poached egg
2 slices whole-grain bread with 3 oz fresh turkey, 2 slices of tomato, 3 to 4 slices of cucumber and romaine lettuce, and 2 tsp mustard
1 snack cup of sugar-free Jell-O
3 to 5 oz grilled salmon with ½ cup steamed cabbage

1 cup vanilla — or plain — nonfat rice milk and 1 poached egg
2 celery stalks with 2 to 4 tsp almond butter
1 grilled chicken breast with ½ cup each of chopped cucumber and tomatoes

1 pumpkin spice Kashi bar with 1 cup vanilla — or plain — nonfat rice milk
1 cup plain penne pasta with ½ cup steamed peas
3 to 5 oz fresh turkey breast with ½ cup each of chopped spinach, cucumber and tomatoes

1 pumpkin spice Kashi bar with 1 cup vanilla — or plain — nonfat rice milk
1 cup soy yogurt with 3 to 4 celery sticks
1 cup mixed berries (strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries)
1 cup brown rice with 3 to 5 oz grilled chicken breast

1 pumpkin spice Kashi bar with 1 cup vanilla — or plain — nonfat rice milk
3 oz chopped turkey with ½ cup each of chopped tomatoes, cucumber and spinach
3 to 5 oz grilled salmon with ½ cup steamed kale

1 pumpkin spice Kashi bar with 1 cup vanilla — or plain — nonfat rice milk
2 hard boiled eggs with ½ cup each of baby carrots and cherry tomatoes
3 to 5 oz grilled chicken breast with ½ cup steamed spinach

1 pumpkin spice Kashi bar with 1 cup vanilla — or plain — nonfat rice milk
3 oz grilled chicken with ¼ cup of chopped avocado and ½ cup each of chopped cucumber and beets
3 to 5 oz grilled salmon with ½ cup steamed spinach

2 poached eggs and 1 slice whole-grain toast
3 oz grilled chicken breast with ½ cup each of chopped cucumber and tomatoes
1 cup mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, red grapes)
3 to 5 oz grilled sea bass with ½ cup steamed spinach

The Workout
While following this plan six times a week, use 3-pound weights, max. Anderson explains, “It’ll get you to your tiniest, tightest point without overdeveloping muscles.” Get video footage of the workout at tracyandersonmethod.com.

Make a 20-minute iPod playlist and do a different cardio activity (treadmill sprints, jumping rope, running on a trampoline) for each song. Switching activities will keep any one group of muscles from bulking up. “You should be dripping sweat and taking very few breaks,” she advises.

Get crunching! Do these three moves on a mat:
1. Lie flat on back, legs straight, then bend legs and pull to chest, feeling exertion in abs (50 reps).
2. With legs at 90-degree angle, do 50 crunches.
3. Lie with legs straight, feet apart. As you slightly lift one foot, crunch straight up and down; return foot to floor and lift the other while crunching. Do 60 times, each side.

Tone Do 100 reps each, or 200 for moves that alternate sides:

1. With feet shoulder-width apart, hold arms out in a T and rotate palms from -facing floor to ceiling.
2. In same stance, bend one wrist and pull across body, arm straight, in a smacking motion across your body. Alternate arms.
3. Then, with arms straight behind you, palms to-gether, snap your wrists from side to side.
4. Hold a 3-pound weight above your head with elbow bent at a 90-degree angle. Then lift weight straight over head. Do all reps on one side, then switch arms.
5. With weight in hand, hold one arm out in a T, bend at elbow to cover eyes, then straighten, keeping arm lifted. Do all reps on one arm; switch.
6. Arm Raise: Using 3lb weights, stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly move arms together straight up into a V above your head. Elbows and wrists are bent slightly. Then gently lower your arms back down to your sides and without pausing go straight back up again. Work up to 100 reps.
7. Single arm overhead pulse: Using 3lb weights, stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms at your sides. Raise one arm above your head with your elbow slightly bent and then straighten your arm completely over your head. Pulse like that, up and down. Work up to 100 reps on one side and then the other.
8. Do grand pliés: Stand with feet -shoulder-width apart, toes pointing out. With hands on hips and back straight, slowly bend knees until thighs are parallel to floor.

Increase cardio 10 minutes each week, so by week six, you’re up to 60 minutes daily, plus toning exercises.

219 Responses to “Madonna’s Trainer Tracy Anderson on How to Lose 20 Pounds in 6 Weeks”
  1. Sashea says:

    I am just watching the recording of the Oprah show and started to do research on Tracy Anderson. I am very intrigued because she says that she can change anyone’s body. I can’t wait to see how the program works for you. I read an article in Harper’s Bazaar where she transformed one of their writers in only 4 weeks. The writer went from a size 8 to a size 4, lost about 11lbs and 46 inches all over incl. 4 inches from her waist and 5 inches from her hips. That is amazing.
    Please keep us updated with regular posts.

    Good luck!

  2. mary says:

    She did a one week boot camp in my gym last week. I joined it, 630a-830a M-F. She also put us on a meal plan as well and I’ve already dropped one size in my pants. She is a genius, very sweet, and genuinely wants people to feel healthy about their bodies. I highly recommend taking her classes if given the opportunity or getting her DVDS which Gwenyth did say she uses when Tracy is out of town.

    If you are in the NYC area she’s opening up a studio soon. Can’t wait!

  3. amy says:

    A bootcamp sounds like so much fun! I hope she does one again? Did you do cardio and toning exercises? And what kind of meal plan? I have all her DVDs and have been really enjoying them!

  4. andi says:

    Yeah…I have her DVDs as well and I love them! I’m also wondering what the meal plan was that mary mentioned tracy had the “bootcampers” on…

  5. Oodora says:

    It may be the same meal plan that I have posted.

  6. Kristen says:

    I was interested in this woman’s meal plan and workout…as it seems to be very effective. Just out of curiousity, has anyone calculated the calorie intake a day for her meal plan? Well I just did for day one, using CalorieKing.com, and assuming that the food listed is all that will be consumed, no oils/fats added for cooking. Day one was only about 680 calories. Most meals seem to run about 200 or less calories. I don’t know about you, but 680 calories doesn’t seem like enough to sustain the intensity and time she advocates for the cardio and toning. Most high intensity cardio burns about 100 calories or so every 10 minutes. In the beginning she has a client doing 20-30 minutes of intense cardio, so that should burn +/- 300 calories, followed by 100′s of reps of toning exercises. By week six, the client should be up to 60 minutes of cardio (+/- 600 calories burned)! I imagine that the beginning workouts with just 30 minutes of cardio, by the time you are done toning, burn close to your intake of food. However, most people have jobs and kids and cleaning and chores to do….which all burn a lot of calories…just typing burns calories. They recomend over a thousand calories for the average person to simply live, not including intense exercise.

    No wonder her clients are dramatically losing weight, they are eating under 700 calories a day, and literally burning off every calorie consumed in the gym, before accounting for calories to get their body through the REST of the day. Losing weight under her plan is a mathematical certainty! I just don’t know if health experts would consider this lifestyle a healthy choice! It seems more like a crash diet that one could only maintain for so long, before going back to eating more, and consequently experiencing the weight climbing back up.

    I’ll probably try it anyway, as I believe calorie restriction and high nutrition are the keys to living longer and healthier (read the CRON diet). The CRON diet is based on the research conducted on the scientists who lived in the original Bio-Dome who were extremely healthy although underweight and underfed. Further studies showed that when reducing food intake by 30% with mice, they lived on average 30% longer. However, it is a known side effect of CRON dieters, that because they take in so few calories (quiet similar to Tracy’s calorie limits), exercise is limited to walking. They do not take in enough calories to sustain an intense workout like that mentioned above. I have been losely following the CRON diet, and have found that yes, I lost a lot of weight, but working out became a real challenge. Exercise is good for you, no one disputes that fact, but I discovered that I looked my best and was at my lowest weight as a calorie monitoring Nazi, and only took 30 minute walks and did toning exercises. Running was out of the question unless it was for a couple minutes here and there.

    Anyway, that is my two-cents. Every is always so focused on what workout is best, and how long to do it, and how to get the quickest results. I have found with my obsessive dieting/fitness experience that you can work your ass off doing all SORTS of different workouts, but the ultimate deciding factor on how much you change the scale and the dress size is what you put in your mouth, and how much of it. This is clearly the logic Tracy Anderson subscribes to, as anyone who eats 680 calories a day will lose weight. Add in 2 hours of workout, and you will lose it even faster, possibly to your own detriment if you don’t stop eating so little and working out so much.

  7. andrea says:

    when and where is tracy anderson opening a studio in nyc?

  8. Denise Page says:

    Where can I order DVD sets, including dance aerobics? Thanks!

  9. Oodora says:

    You can order on her website: tracyandersonmethod.com

  10. sarah says:

    how did you go?

  11. Pia says:

    Hi Oodora:
    Just wondering how your progress is going with the tracy anderson diet/exercise program. I recently bought her post pregnancy work-out and mat and want to try her diet program. Thanks in advance!

  12. Oodora says:

    Hi Pia,
    Thanks for checking back. Honestly I got bored with the dance cardio dvd. I’m not a dancer and the learning curve is pretty high to get the movements down. Instead I jog/sprint on the treadmill four times a week and incorporate pilates, yoga and weight training classes at the gym. This works best for me. As far as the diet portion the calories are too low to support the amount of exercise I am doing. Instead I eat as much raw fruits and veggies as I can, vegetable and rice soups (homemade), raw smoothies with fruits and greens (homemade), gluten-free muffins (Zen bakery), and little to no dairy, breads or meats. I hope to post my healthy eating diet and exercise program in the future.

  13. Komadori says:

    You do realize that you pick up more than 3 lbs throughout the day, right? A good many trainers know better. This is a fad. Look at what historically works. Also look at the science of the body, including metabolism and nutrition. The calories listed in this meal plan is hardly enough for the average woman sitting on her butt, much less moving around. If you want to do cardio, do cardio. If you want to lift, then lift heavy. This is like hopping on a gym bike and trying to win the Tour de France.

    But hey, good luck…

  14. Tea says:

    Who has the time to work out 2 hours per day??? I am trying to work out every day for 40-60 minutes and I thought I was good. But 2 hours? Not very realistic if you are a working woman and have kids (and no nannies or a cook or …).

  15. anonymous says:

    She had a studio in Indianapolis she totally mismanaged. She closed the doors without telling her clients or without returning thier prepaid packages. Basically she ripped them off and headed West. Google her. She has a long list of complaints & lawsuits against her.

  16. Tory says:

    I was wondering if it was possible to do this diet, jut to lose the weight, then go back to regular eating and exercising? the restricted calories scares me because ive struggled with a ED but im thinking if i didnt wokrout i would feel as you know… restricted

  17. Tory says:

    can anyone tell me if they tried this and succeeded

  18. Mandy says:

    Can anyone tell me an English equivalent of Kashi cereal, or what it is like, as I cannot find it in UK

  19. Carol says:

    Gwenyth mentioned that she was able to work out with her, and yet eat whatever she wanted. She wasn’t good at dieting, but was able to do the exercise part of it. Either her or Oprah said something about how this was better than being on a treadmill and watching the clock, etc… while on it. That says it must be adaptable to the person.

  20. becca says:

    i have her mat video and i love it. i am thinking about getting her cardio video too.

  21. Melissa says:

    Mat is AWESOME! Skip the cardio dvd. Expensive and difficult.

  22. Bunnie says:

    For a woman under 5′ tall who weighs only 95 pounds, this diet is harsh but doable. For someone who is 5’8″ and breastfeeding, it would be restrictive. I’ve got no problem dumping dairy, most carbs, refined and processed stuff for a period of time, but I’d have to add 2 snacks in with the rest of the meals to stay sane.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Sounds very restrictive…. I know that Gwyneth follows the doctor Joshi plan (by the way this guy is nice but very expensive and drops alot of names whilst your’e in his company… not sure that I like that) which I have also followed…… but it would be silly of us to think that this is all Madonna and Gywn do…they have an endless list of vitamins and minerals that they take….have all the best beauty treatments to support the exercise and diet plans that they are on and guess what…it all costs a bomb… sure we can do a less expensive equivalent but honestly they have no reason to not be in the best shape….. oh and did I forget to mention the colonic irrigations that they have…… I have done all of these things and trust me if you don’t keep term up the weight piles back on……… best to perhaps follow the plans as best you can and add a little more healthy food in and some good olive oil…. the recipes above look borning and taste less. Olive oil never killed anybody. Good luck to all. x x x x

  24. Nichole says:

    Spices do not bloat unless you are using them wrong. Well chosen spices and herbs will help with digestion, decrease bloating, up metabolism, help skin and when mixed with certain oils will help soothe sore muscles. try grinding/grating them yourself to really get the benefits (not to mention the great smell and flavour). Small weights and lots of reps has been common in the weightlifting world for a long time. This is nothing new. Her dance video is pretty crap. Its hard to get in to it when she’s pouting at the camera. Oh well. Some of her strength moves are pretty cool though. And it’s a great idea for the soul-sucking treadmill. Might actually give it another go…

  25. Kelli says:

    I have her videos and have really seen my body transform. I have lost 40 lbs. 35lbs were from my second child and I have just lost and extra 5. I was never able to loose all the weight from my first child and now I am almost back to where I was when I got married. I do the mat work out 5 days a week and try to do cardio 2 days a week and that alone has begun to reshape my body from very stocky muscular to very lean more dancer like. My family and friends and even said I look taller. Like Tracy Anderson I am only 5 ft tall. I know this works…nothing else has ever worked to get leaner muscles for me. You can loose weight with any program but if you are trying to reshape your body from something you weren’t born with this really works!!

  26. Traci Miller says:

    hello…I would love to see the Tracy Anderson/Oprah video that you have. How can I view it? Thank you, Traci

  27. Oodora says:

    Hi Traci, try the new link I posted.

  28. Cris Llerena says:

    I will try. Can you see Madge and Tracy’s shapes ?
    I feel so good just looking at them
    All the best,
    Cris LL.

  29. Bailey says:

    I have both the mat and the cardio dance work out. I started with 1 dance and then did the mat dvd. Now I’m up to 5 dances 3 times a week and mat workout 4 times a week. I’ve only lost 4 lbs in 4 weeks without dieting. It’s better than nothing! My tummy is much less flabby and my legs look great. No difference in my arms. I eat healthy for the most part with 1 splurge a day. I think Tracy should stick to workouts, and not give diet advice. She has repeatedly stated that she is the worst at dieting. I enjoy the DVDs and I look forward to the feeling I have afterward. For that, I value her workout.

  30. muriel says:

    I ‘ll try the DVDs, especially the dance cardio and will emphasize on the arms.
    I already do “advanced” mat and small ball pilates, but i’m trying to get rid of some 6 pounds of fat! and the 3 are on my arms :)
    As for the diet plan, i think it’s far to hard for me. I measure 173cm – ( i think 5’8) and 66 kg (146 pounds), i have an athletic body type and my BMR was measured at approx. 2200 cal, far higher than average women’s. I tried a low calorie diet some 12 years ago ( now i’m 38) and when i reached 61 kg (134) my period stopped.
    Anyway, diet was never my strong point. No will power when i’m hungry! An after the gym, I am SO HUNGRY!

  31. Jenny says:

    I’ve just started working out using her mat dvd, and after only 3 times I’ve noticed that my arms are stronger and my tummy is in much better shape, love it! It’s amazing how much stronger you get after each time. I’ve tried out one short dance video she posted on GOOP and it’s great too, when you learn the movements and are able to just dance it works great!

  32. Simara C. says:

    I’ve been doing the diet for a week now and I dropped 5 pounds the first week. You have to be very comitted and not cheat and it will work. I’m also a diabetic and it has helped me on the way that I force myself not to have any sweets so the diet can work completely. After that, it’s just a matter of control to keep the weight off. It works! Thank you Tracy!

  33. CoCo says:

    I just ordered both DVD’s and have taken down this eating plan. I have been reading and watching Tracy do her thing for a while now – i am very intrigued. I have about 10days of travel coming up so i will try very hard to stay inside her parameters – though I will use it as a guide and refocus when I return. (travel just for business so shouldnt be too hard).

  34. clover says:

    the meal plan is just showing you how to lose up to 20 pounds in 6 weeks. She goes on to say that after that or your target weight to switch to something less restrictive. The diet is pretty much just like a no carb diet aka South Beach. I am going to do it for 2 weeks (like phase 1 of south beach) to make me less bloated and to start to eat clean.

  35. sdaryani says:

    must also have a veg 3week weight loss programme. also must suggest ingredients available in indian market

  36. Carmen Marque says:

    Initially I liked the look of the diet, but the more I think about it, it seems very restrictive. I am 5ft 6, 180pounds and a student with my end of year exams coming up. I either workout in the gym for 1-2hours or I do bikram yoga everyday. And though I am trying very hard to lose weight and tone up, the diet seems as if it would just about support my workouts, but would leave me too tired to get on with anything else that day, let alone study. I wonder if you know of a more adaptable and more longterm eating plan that one could follow. Or even what she might recommend to snack on when you need an energy boost?

  37. Megan says:

    I have both dvds, and I really like the mat workout, it’s really peaceful. The dance cardio is difficult, because I don’t like the idea of learning dances. It reminds me of my cheerleading days. Anyway, everyone is complaining about the diet, but if you want to lose weight, you HAVE to change your eating habits. We all know she trains Madonna and Gwyneth, she must know what she’s talking about. She’s only giving you this plan for a certain amount of time, if you really want to lose weight you have to follow that, and then, like she says, gradually add more to what you’re eating. It’s common sense, you have to work out really hard and eat really healthy foods for you to look your best. That’s why the celebs look great! You have to do the work. The saying, “You are what you eat” is very true!!

  38. maggie says:

    Anyone had success with this plan? Im starting it this Sunday.

  39. Kimberley says:

    Hi – the Tracy Anderson method is so inspiring. Two things for clarification 1) where can you get her band reformer and 2) when Tracy refers to 3lb weights does she mean using 3lbs per arm or combined ie 1.5lbs x 2 (arms) to get the 3lbs she refers to? Love your advice. Love your blog!

  40. Siren says:

    Yes maggie!! ive had tons of success with this diet and workout! I have her First dance aerobics, and her mat dvd, soon to have her new Cardio and Post Pregnancy video(because i heard it works your abs TONS more than the Mat)… Im doing it right now!! would you like to keep each other motivated over yahoo IM’s? or via some other method online? I did it for 3 weeks and dropped 12 pounds! i stopped the diet, and really started to “maintain” weight instead of lose it.. so im going back to the Diet until i get to my “happy weight” then ill eat normal again. you can get in touch with me via my website if you would like to do the diet together(so to speak) =)

  41. Lacey says:

    This diet plan works so fast and her workouts are very effective! Im also starting this diet again!

  42. Oodora says:

    Thanks, Kimberley! She uses 3lbs per arm.

  43. Dione says:

    The exercises that Tracy has been doing on the Daily 10, are these exercises on one of her videos?

  44. Angelina says:

    So I see some people have actually seen success with the diet. I am going on a cruise in 5 weeks and I am on the verge of a panic attack every time I see a bathing suit! Would anyone like to try this diet “with me”? I would like to have a buddy so we could keep eachother motivated :) My goal is to lose 20lbs before this cruise…. I’ll keep everyone posted!

  45. Anvi says:

    Hey Angelina,
    I am thinking of trying out this diet too. May we cab buddy up? I dunno how to get in touch with you though..I don’t see your e-mail.

  46. Anna says:

    I have been doing the her DVDs now for the last 3months 4-6 days per week for the cardio and I do the mat dvd 6 days a week, I dont follow her diet instead I stick to around 1000 calories a day monday to friday and splurge a little at weekends. I have probably only lost about 5lbs but I can definatly say thats the diet not the exercise. I have noticed a big difference in how toned I now am and feel that my body has changed to a much leaner shape. What I would say though is make sure after every 4 weeks you change your mat routine, I have used youtube and made up my own toning moves to mix it up a bit as change is important to results. when I first tried the dance dvd I really struggled with it and could only do a few tracks but stick with it and within 2 weeks I was doing the whole 8 tracks. Im lucky I work from homw so I do the hour cardio in the mornings then the toning in the evenings whilst watching TV, once you have been doing it a while you can memorise it so now I dont need to watch it.

  47. Amber says:

    Hi Angela – I volunteer!! I have the post-pregnancy workout and was looking around for reviews on the dance cardio and found this blog…I am SO intrigued and want to do as much of it as I can, but I’m a stay-at-home-Mom that works about 3 feet from the kitchen so I’m going to need someone to help keep my butt in line. I’m also wondering how in the world a woman with a family to feed is supposed to eat these dinner meals while she cooks something else for them and doesn’t let herself eat it. YEAH RIGHT!!

  48. Camie says:

    I have been doing the exercises and the eating plan (sticking to it best I can). I have lost weight and inches. I love it! Tracy and I are the same height and I was a gymnast for years. So to see some transformation is great.

  49. Evie says:

    I have been doing all three dvd’s. The mat workout, the post-pregnancy (lots of ab work) adn the cardio. It took me about two weeks to learn the dances, and once I knew them I started dancing to my own music on my ipod. I just made a 40-45 min playlist of my favorite upbeat songs and I just dance. I’m only 22 and I have already been working out for 10 years, I know I started out young, but I really was a chubby kid, anyway, now I do it for the high, nothing can beat the high of those endorphins. Anyway, I just wanted to say that once you’ve learned the dances and you can just dance to your own music its very relaxing, takes the day’s stress away, very therapeutic. And yes, I do it before bed, it’s so exhausting that I fall asleep right away. And the mat dvd’s are also great. I aslo have the webisodes, yup I invested in a lot in these new workouts, but I was really getting bored with traditional workouts, I absolutely hate going to the gym, I have always worked out at home while watching TV and now I can still do that, except with the webisodes, they’re 10 mins each, there’s one for the butt/thighs, one for the arms and one for the abs. They’re fast paced and amazing! I have not tried the diet, I try to keep my diet clean, and eat wholesome foods. I don’t do diets.

  50. sallie hard says:


  51. valerie says:

    This diet really works fast. I’m 5’7″ and I started the diet at about 127 pounds and two weeks later was down to 120. Don’t cheat on it though – it will really set you back. It is restrictive but it is just intended to be short-term. I actually found that after being on it for 2 weeks, my carb and sugar cravings were dramatically reduced. I also did the dance video 3-4 times per week and did the mat workout 5-6 times per week. I have the best results from tracy’s programs.

  52. Rose says:

    I am wondering if Tracy has a arm video ???

  53. Justian says:

    I am considering trying the dvd’s and the diet; I am a full-time student with 6 kids and I have put on 15 pounds over the last year that I can’t get rid of due to a crazy schedule and stress. I have recently started Bikram Yoga, but that has not helped enough. I just read the Bazaar article regarding her and her business. So, my impression is that things are going well for most of you and I wanted to see where some of you are at? Have you maintained the weight loss and the muscle tone? Are you happy that you did the program? Should I invest in these dvd’s?

  54. Karla says:

    I could not find the band reformer but I found something similar.


    I was intrigued by the video she did with Gwyneth at her house, seemed so cool to workout with rubber bands!

    I will probably try the diet in two weeks, since I am still waiting for the videos!

  55. Sarah says:

    I think you all should be very careful about following the advice of someone with no background in either nutrition or biomechanics. She was a ballerina who was ‘fired’ for being (in their warped eyes) ‘too heavy.’ She probably weighed a normal amount. The dance world is notorious for its rampant eating disorders. The fact that Ms. Anderson comes from this background, is reported to have a large, junk-food filled appetite, and exercises like a madwoman spells ‘eating disorder’ to me.

    Also, very restrictive diets usually end up depriving the body of essential nutrients. Is it really worth it to suck the Vitamin D and Calcium out of your bones just to fit into a smaller size dress?

  56. Busymum says:

    Hi ladies, I have two small children and have been suffering with depression for over a year now. I am on anti-depressants and have put on 28 lbs in that time and am desperate to lose weight. I lost the weight after both of my pregnancies however I cannot shift it now. I’ve bought the cardio dance and found the routines really hard however I will give it another try. I’ve bought the mat dvd though and really like that one. Is it worth me buying the post pregnancy dvd as my stomach and round the back is where most of my fat seems to be.

    I would be happy to hear any of your views. I find it impossible to diet but I will easily cut out any junk. The diet listed here is too restrictive and i know that I wouldn’t even last the morning. The main reason I got her dvds as she mentions that she can’t diet or do you think that is just a con!

  57. Megan says:

    I’m interested in trying this workout and diet…I think it’s important to remember that this advice from her is strictly on how to lose a certain amount of weight in only 6 weeks. I am SURE she doesn’t intend for people to live this way forever. I think it’s more for if someone has an event planned and they need to look trim and fit and is willing to go the extra mile temporarily (usually celebrities). Once at a happy weight, then I think it’s about simply eating in a basic healthy way and doing the workouts to maintain the weight and strength gained.

  58. michelle says:

    Does anyone have any other ideas for cardio with this plan? I do the dance DVD several times a week but I’m getting bored…

  59. jade says:

    I’ve been doing the mat workout and following the meal plan as best as I can. In three weeks, I have lost 10 lbs. What’s even more interesting is I’ve lost a lot of inches, most noticeably in my arms and abs. I’ve done heavy weightlifting and I’ve gotten bulkier but like she promised, I have been looking leaner and thinner. I haven’t done the cardio yet but have attempted a few times. I do other dances for my cardio but will attempt it again.

    I do the mat workout 5-6x a week. Know that you’re going to be hungry but that’s ok. She only claims it’s a 6-week plan. I’m telling you… it works! I’m impressed! Reply if you have any questions!!

  60. Joanne Butler says:

    I love the way that some people who commented (even though they say they need to lose weight) say things like ‘looks a little restrictive’ or ‘I would have to add snacks to get through the day’ etc etc

    It’s attitudes like this that got you into the state you are in. You will need to restrict your intake to a degree and train hard if you want results. OR you can keep up with the excuses and keep on piling the pounds on. YOUR CHOICE!!!! But don’t blame the program.

    And stop blaming your kids. If it was having kids that made people overweight, there would be no fat kids, young teenagers or men. Get over yourself and do something about it.

    Signed Extremely fit, hard training, healthy eating mum of five.

  61. Larissa says:

    I have ordered my DVD’s and am going to try and start the diet plan this Sunday. Can anyone help me with finding the Australian version of the Kashi cereal? Icam really looking forward to starting this as i have put on 20kgs and am in desperate need to lose it.

  62. Rochelle says:

    I just wanted to know if someone knew an alternative to the pumpkin spice Kashi bar (which are in her diet) in the uk – tricky thing is im gluten intolerant so cant have any wheat in it?
    any ideas?

  63. Mia says:

    Yes, it does look restrictive, but it contains protein, carbohydrates, wholegrains and plenty of fruit and veg so your body would be getting sufficient nutrients. If I followed it myself I’d probably add some extra vegetables here and there and maybe have slightly bigger portions if the workouts were tiring me out but when it comes to weight loss and getting fit you get out what you put in – if you work hard you get results.

  64. Liz says:

    You go Joanne! I 100% agree! :)

    Larissa, the Kashi cereal is really just a low-cal, high fiber, puffed cereal. If you can find something like that.. go for it! Also, if you have Fiber One brand.. I enjoy that as well. You might want to try it!

    Rochelle, try looking in health food stores such as Whole Foods and Trader Joes. They tend to carry specialty items such as gluten free, dairy free, etc. Just try to be careful when you are picking one out that will have around the same amount of calories and REALLY REALLY watch out for the grams of fat. Some bars will have low calories but still be packed full of fats and sugars. I love to eat Larabars, however I am not sure how the alternative. If they carry them in the UK, Larabars have about 190 calories per bar, with 8g of fat (kind of high, but worth it because the bar is full of healthy nut fats) and 21g of sugar (again, worth the sugar because the bar only have 3 ingredients in it! :) good luck!

    Does anyone know where I can get the DVD for a cheaper price? I am a college student only looking to loose about 15-20 pounds but I don’t have extra money to just throw at things. Thanks!

  65. Rochelle says:

    Thanks for that Liz,
    Would fully reccomend doing it – it has paid off for me.. im feeling heaps better than myself and lost about 6lb in the first week!
    As far as the DVD – depending on which one try Amazon.co.uk they have good deals.
    With the bars – the best alternative is the lara bar or trunch bar (which are really yummy!)
    If you want to discuss the diet and exercise feel free to reply back – im into my third week now.

    Good Luck :D

  66. Alida says:

    Hi Rochelle,
    I would rally like to know what is your diet and exercise routine, since you’re doing so well.

    I have all the DVD’s and the webisodes. I can’t get it together with the dance DVD, so I have just started to do her treadmill workout but I do it outside, without a treadmill. It’s really strenuous, but great. Love all her mat workouts.
    I now have to do the diet a bit better.

    In Australia there are no think thin bars, lara bars or kashi cereal.

  67. Zoe says:

    i got the mat dvd last week and i’ve done it 4 times now. I still can’t make it through the whole leg sequence, let alone the arms! but then i haven’t exercised properly in about 2 years. so far i haven’t noticed visible difference but i do feel i get stronger each time i do it. i’ve ordered the cardio dvd and can’t wait forit to arrive.

    i’m going to start the diet tomorrow. i think it will be difficult, but i went on a juice fast last year, which was a killer. at least you get to eat on this one. the only thing i’m not big on is the fake bacon, jello and soy pudding. given that she talks about eating non-processed food, i think its a strange choice. i think i’ll probably replace them with a piece of fruit. the only thing i’m a little bit concerned about putting the weight back on as soon as i start introducing a more calories back into my diet. if anyone has managed to stick to the diet, could you tell me how it went when you started eating more again?

    also, for people in australia who can’t get kashi cereal, i looked on the their website and their cereals seem kind of similar to the vogel’s cereals we have in australia. depending on which cereal you choose, they seem to have similar fat and protein content.

  68. Anita says:

    All of your comments have been so encouraging. I’ve had both dvd’s for about 4 months now and love them both. When I hunker down and do it, I notice inches lost right away and soon after not working out for a while, I go back to my normal size 8. I’ve been really inconsistent and can’t seem to do both tapes in one day, just not enough time. On a good month I do 3 days of cardio and 3 days of the mat video a week. I don’t want to loose weight as much as I’m interested in changing my body type as Tracy promises her program can do.

    Thanks to all of your comments I’m going to give this a solid try and include the diet and see if I can loose some inches and a dress size. I’m about 10lbs over my goal weight so wish me luck. :-)

  69. sallie hard says:

    I followed the diet and lost 6lbs in week one and then 5lbs in week two. it works !

  70. yy says:

    really fantastic. Mat video is wonderful and has gotten my body to change already even though I just eat healthy as normal and don’t even do it more than twice a week usually. I do go to the gym and do cardio on treadmill though. cardio video was not worth it. i actually had the same experience as Tracy in terms of bulking-and yes, that did turn to fat when I stopped working out regularly! inconsistency is a fact of my busy life. now I’m getting toned and smaller muscles, and I’m so pleased-didn’t think it was possible! however I don’t do diets, and I sure as hell am not about to do this one. Trying to eat what’s good for you and being present as you are eating is so much easier to stick to. but I understand the need to lose weight fast. I’m interested in seeing what people update with after they have stopped the diet and go back to regular diet. good luck to you all!

  71. jamila says:

    I’ve had the post-pregnancy video for several months but just started doing the exercises about one week ago. So far, I’ve done the routine three times in that period. When I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday, I had to make sure it wasn’t my imagination, but my entire mid-section seems to be pulling together more tightly. It’s not an effect I’ve ever gotten from doing traditional ab work. It’s literally as if it’s all drawing in from all sides. I just came across this diet plan today. I’m not exactly sure if I want to commit to the diet, but so many people have posted such amazing results that I’m seriously considering it. I highly recommend the post-pregnancy workout. From what I’ve read, it’s much more intense than the mat workout and helps trim your abs, arms, hips and bottom. As for cardio, I think I’ll resume doing 20-30 minutes of intermittent sprints on the elliptical machine.

  72. Evelyn says:

    Hi Everyone….
    So Im starting this diet today and exercise plan. Im only 5’0 and am currently weighing 112. Am hoping to lose 10 pounds, so will follow this plan until I reach my goal. Will report back here weekly with updates. I think this is definitely doable. Good luck to you all. :)

  73. Julia says:

    Hello, ladies. I’m thinking about trying this diet but am not sure if the program works. I would say within the last 3 months, I’ve easily put on 10-12lbs and want to burn this off. I was thinking if doing the 6 week training then maintaining. I do not own any of the videos but will follow the routine in this article. Any suggestions?

  74. ashley says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have been doing the mat DVD and just ordered the post pregnancy DVD (for the extra abs).
    Is anyone interested in doing the workouts and diet with me?

    Any motivation I can be or get would be appreciated!

    I want to lose around 10 lbs and more importantly…tone.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  75. ashley says:

    Hi everyone,
    I have been doing the mat DVD and just ordered the post pregnancy DVD (for the extra abs).
    Is anyone interested in doing the workouts and diet with me?
    Any motivation I can be or get would be appreciated!
    I want to lose around 10 lbs and more importantly…tone.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  76. Nancy (MR RD) says:

    Joanne Butler: Jeez Louise—-what is going on w/ you? why so angry????? I mean—I don’t wish to pick apart EVERYTHING you said but—-if the total Kcals per day are in the ball park of 680….or even 800! and someone added 2 snacks……ie maybe a piece of fruit or two and some I dont know—-a few almonds or WHATEVER they are still on a low calorie diet and along w/ working out—-they would still lose weight so why on earth are you so angry and jumping down their throats??? calm down! shouldn’t you be more relaxed w/ all the exercise you say you do? where are your endorphins???

  77. Erica says:

    My goal is to lose weight before the new year, instead making the resolution! So I’m starting tomorrow- I’m going to order the mat workout tonight! I’m really excited- I’ve already did my grocery shopping and I’m ready- so I will post at the end of the month with my results! In order to succeed at this, you have to be totally 100% committed! Wish me luck! -E-

  78. Samantha says:

    I wanted to just mention that I’ve thought long and hard about buying Tracy’s workout DVD’s. Im going to go with the Cardio Dance DVD. It might be hard to learn, but in third grade; so was cursive. Learning a new language takes thousands of hours. A little bit of extra time and consideration for your bodies, is so damn worth it ladies. I am 17, and I was a varsity cross country runner. After three years, my shins, knees, and foot were severely damaged and I had to give it up.

    My advice to you, go for it. Take the extra time for you. If it doesnt work, what a shame. But you tried didnt you? Go for it. Imagine the results. If anyone wants to buddy up on this or needs some motivation, email me at inthewind6@gmail.com.

    Thanks, and remember: “Those that make easy decisions have a difficult life. And those that make difficult decisions, have an easy life.”

  79. S says:

    I’m going to buy the mat/cardio only have 7kg to loose thats crept back on due to unemployment and lack of motivation, now i am working again and can afford the gym aswell ! (oh how i missed it!) and I can do this aswell.

  80. Roxy says:


    I did the mat workout and it was SUPER hard, so I want to try these moves. The only one I don’t understand is #3…. It sounds really uncomfortable and weird, so if anyone has a better explanation… PLEASE tell me. :D

  81. Debbie Silva says:

    For anyone wanting to buddy up with me on tracy’s dvd’s.This is my sixth day and finishing up just doing the mat exercises.Have not purchased the cardio dvd’s yet.

  82. Forsythiah says:

    Okay, time to get serious. I need to lose 15 pounds by February 13. I just ordered a size 4 Helmut Lang dress that I need to wear to a party on 2-13 so there is no turning back. I’m starting this diet and exercise plan today (January 3rd) and I’ve got 6 weeks. I’m going to post here every Sunday to let you know how it is going. I’m at 133 right now and I need to get to 118. If anyone wants to check in with me, email me at closduvalerie@gmail.com. Check out the dress on net-a-porter, its the Helmut Lang mesh cutout bondage dress. If that doesn’t inspire me to get svelte I don’t know what will!

  83. Kris H says:

    I am approaching 45 (yikes) this year. I have a five year old and twin 3 year olds. I have never really had a weight problem but things seem to be shifting around and I don’t have the “tightness” I did even two years ago. I am really interested in Tracy’s DVD’s. Many of you on this blog seem quite young and I just wonder if her training is as effective on older women as well. I realize Madonna is older but her discipline is not exactly realistic.


  84. Olga says:

    Well , i recently discovered Tracy’s Anderson workout and bought two of her dvd’s ,
    the mat workout and the cardio . I Love Love Love her workout , i m been training
    more than 10 yrs in gym’s and at home ( threadmill , bicycle , mat exercises ) , but this is the best , it is the first time ever i Loooooooove
    my work out ! ! ! Before Tracy’s dvd’s i got bored easily and quickly abandoned the effort ….

    I have some questions though , Tracy says to follow her programm 5-6 times per week ,
    both the mat and the cardio , thats about 2 hours per day … a bit too much … Can anyone tell me how to combine these exersices for the best result ? ? ?

    Furthermore , i bought the cardio only yesterday , havent done it yet , had a look though , it seemed difficult to me , has anyone done it the whole way ? Paltrow said it took her One Year to learn the steps , is it so hard ? ? ?

    Thank you in Advance …
    Greetings from Greece

  85. olga says:

    by the way does anybody know the music she uses at her mat workout ????

  86. Forsythiah says:

    I weighed in yesterday. Down to 128! 10 more pounds to go. The dress arrived and it is indeed fabulous. Won’t let myself try it on until I hit 120. In answer to questions about the cardio dvd, I have learned the entire set of routines. It is hard but if you stick with it, you will get it and it is so much fun once you know the steps. It did take me a long time though. I think I learned the first half of the DVD in about 3 months and then another 6 months or so to get the whole DVD down. It’s nice to have a challenge though. I often use the sets to my own ipod mix. Also, in terms of shortening up the workouts, I’ve had great results from doing the cardio for 30 min and half of the mat workout for 30 min so an hour every day. I do strongly believe that you have to do it at least 5-6 times per week to get the results you’re looking for. I’m 34 and these workouts get me into shape better than anything and I’ve tried running, yoga, pilates, and other workout DVDs. There is something about the strategic muscle conditioning that just seems to target my problem areas better than anything. Hope this helps.

  87. Madspants says:

    I am in just about the same boat as Forsythiah!:) I started the diet last Monday at 132 lbs and would like to get down to 112 if humanly possible. If not, anywhere under 120 will be amazing. (I worked out with a trainer two years ago who wanted me to get down to 115, but I don’t think I’ve ever been that little- still it would be nice to try:)) I got married a little over a year ago and have slowly but surely put on weight over a year of eating out and snuggling in bed rather than waking up to work out. By Valentine’s Day I would like to be svelte, svelte, svelte!:) The first week went really well but I have to admit that I am hungry quite a lot during the day. I have a physical job and have felt a little lower on energy than usual. I’ve added in one snack almost every day- either a soymilk and berry smoothie, some edamame or turkey breast with cucumber and tomatoes. I feel badly for not following the diet plan exactly but I can say that you will see results even if you add in a snack or two. I am amazed by the change in my body already!

  88. Jennifer says:

    Forsythiah are you doing her diet plan as well?

  89. MCA says:

    Just tried the mat DVD yesterday and it was amazing!! I’m doing the post-pregnancy one today to really target my abs. Tracy says to keep the body guessing, so I think I am going to alternate DVD’s every other day, and if I have extra time I’ll do both in one day (maybe once a week or twice a week). I’m really hoping to lose 20 lbs, I’m Tracy’s height but about 125 lbs and would like to shed that all off. Good luck everyone!!

  90. Cheli says:


  91. Forsythiah says:

    Weighed in again yesterday. Not as much as I was hoping but I had two social events during the week and went off the strict diet for those events. I weighed in at 126. At least I now have less than 10 pounds to go. That makes me feel a little better!

  92. kim says:

    I just ordered dvds – the cardio one and the mat one and i will start the diet tomorrow, i am 5’7″ and weigh 91.2kg, ill let you know how i go.

  93. Lisa says:


    Thank you for the diet plan post. Its great to see so many encouraging messages, and different viewpoints up here! I have never seriously looked at work out videos or dieting, simply because I love food (most notably chocolate) and I’m far too busy….or lazy!

    I did join a gym, but used it mostly for the sauna! I have just watched the mat workout, googled her, found this page, and am totally inspired..I’m going to give it a go right after this post! I cannot believe there is a 6wk diet plan, it sounds perfect to me as I eat (most of) those foods anyway, and in exactly 6weeks from tomorrow, I’m going on holiday, so you know what? This may be the 1st time I actually give this dieting and work out video stuff a chance.

    I’m currently 62kg (136lb), and about 5’6 (not sure) but really, I’m not too worried about my weight, I would really love to tone up and be able to wear everything in my wardrobe without worrying about any, er, overhang! Ultimately, I wish to be healthy, so the diet plan will only be used for 6wks, but already I can see that I’ll need to substitute rice milk for soya milk (my normal preference, although I know rice milk is ‘thinner’ than soya milk) and have no idea what kashi cereal is (uk alternative? Oh, I see Liz’s post above ‘a low-cal, high fibre puffed cereal’) but may just stick to porridge, which is good in this lovely weather we’re having here at the moment. I guess I need to finish my chocolate supply by Sunday, its Friday today, so maybe I’ll make myself sick of it by then…..Nah! Or maybe I should keep some. Like a security blanket.

    20lb = 9kg??!!!! OMG! I’ve only just checked!! Well, I would like to lose 4-5kg, then review from there, and now that I’ve posted this, I feel that I cannot let you all down, especially as you’re all doing so well! Soooo lets see how this goes……I’m off to do the mat workout :)

  94. Summer says:

    I just started the diet today, and so far so good. I haven’t been hungry, and I like the fact that I can have pasta! I don’t have Tracy’s DVDs, but I do have a personal trainer that I will start to see 3 days a week, and on my off days I will workout on my own. I’ll keep everyone posted!

    By the way, Forsythiah how’d your weigh in go this weekend? Did you lose any weight?

  95. Forsythiah says:

    OK, weighed in again yesterday and down to 123! The little black dress doesn’t seem quite so frightening and I’m even getting up the nerve to try it on. That’s my goal for next week Sunday’s weigh-in. I’ve really got to hit it hard this week though. Still aiming for 118, the magic number by February 13. Good luck to everybody else who is doing this with me. Stick with it – I promise you it works and you will feel great!

  96. Mary says:

    Are any of you ladies older, say 55, I thought not. Want to try the diet for 6 weeks and then change eating habits, to a similar diet, but not as restrictive. I cannot do the dance but can do some of the cardio, and the toning parts, anything would be of a help. It does seem like the diet is working for most of you that are really sticking witih it. In a small rural town the cereal and the bars are going to be hard to come by, but we do have a food co op that carries similar item, so maybe I can get something close to the same there. Let us know how February 13 works out for you, because you are almost there and you still have a couple weeks to go for your target weight, I’m sure you can do it. Good luck Forsythiah!

  97. m says:

    ^^^forsythiah, are you following it to the exact plan?

    And congrats!

  98. Jennifer says:

    Olga the artist to the songs on her mat workout are listed on the back of the cover.

    I am a big fan of the mat dvd as well. I have been doing the mat only for two weeks, not that much of a chance so far. I was also do the treadmill challenge for 20mins.

    The only thing I was a little concerned about is that I was not sore the next day. However, it was very challenging and totally hurt during the workout?

    I am starting her cardio dance dvd tonight. and just ordered her post preg dvd, even though I dont have any kids, thought it would be a good one to alternate to.

    I will keep you posted!!

  99. Scablette says:

    I’ve just read through all your posts and am so inspired!! I ordered my mat DVD tonight and can’t wait to get it so I can start making a change to my body!! My beautiful little girl was 6 months old today and although I’ve lost 36 pounds since giving birth (i think about 20 of that was baby and bump!) I am stuck at 153 and nothing is shifting it!! I go to the gym 3x weekly and do cardio and weights, as well as walking with baby every day and running on my treadmil. I’m also restricting, between 800 and 1200 calories a day but haven’t lost anything for 3 weeks!!! So, my aim is to get down to 147, I’m 5 ft 11, and then anything else is a bonus!! I’d really love to fit back into a tiny pair of jeans I had at Uni 3 years ago!! I can still get them on but the muffin top is not a sight that anyone should be subjected to!!!
    So I’m going to now do at least 30minutes cardio daily and the mat DVD 6 times A week (as long as my darling daughter has her lunchtime nap every day!). And do the diet!! Anyone want to buddy up and keep each other motivated?! Maybe over facebook?! Anyway I’ll keep you posted!!

  100. Scablette says:

    I have just finished reading through all of your posts and I am so inspired!! I can’t believe the inches and weight loss that you have all seen and I want a piece of the action!! Therefore I have just ordered my Mat workout DVD and am considering going for the post pregnancy one as well (just need to persuade my husband that the £20 will be worth while!!)

    I had a beautiful baby girl exactly 6 months ago and I’m still struggling to lose the last bit of the baby weight!! I have lost 36 pounds so far since giving birth (although 24 of that was baby and bump!!) But I am now stuck at 154 pounds and nothing I do seems to make any difference!! I am currently eating between 1200 and 1500 most days, and thats eating really clean as well (no sugar or refined carbs, very little dairy), as well as going to the gym 3x weekly and daily walking with the munchkin!! I would really love to get back down to 147pounds initially and then anything further would be a bonus!! Not just that but I would like to tone up and lose some inches!! I’ve got a lovely pair of jeans which I used to wear when I was a slim 19 year old, I can still get into them now but the muffin top is a sight which no-one should be exposed to!! My aim is to lose the weight and get back into the jeans by the 22nd March (my husbands birthday) so I can wear them when we go out to celebrate! I realise that is over 6 weeks away, but as I am still partially breastfeeding I’m going to have to increase the number of calories suggested on the meal plan slightly!!

    So my aim is to do 30 mins cardio daily (I have a treadmill at home) and maybe build this up if I have time/energy. And also do the Mat DVD minimum 5 times a week – hopefully I can get this done when the baby is having her lunchtime nap!! And follow the diet plan as closely as I can, although some of the suggested veggies are ones that I really cannot stand so will substitute for things with similar number of calories. As well as adding in a couple of extra small snacks to keep the calorie count up nearer 1200, due to BF.

    Good luck to all the rest of you who are doing this as well!!
    I’ll keep you posted with my progress!! xx

  101. sophie says:

    was just wondering if alcohol (even a glass of wine?) is restricted on this diet as well?

  102. pumpkin says:

    Wow! You guys are inspiring (and trust me, with my lack of motivation I need some inspiration!)

    Ive been preparing myself for the above diet and exercise combo and am starting tomorrow. (But will perhaps allow myself my morning black coffee as I am truly useless without it.) I’ll keep you posted.

    Best of luck to you all, and keep up the inspiring updates! (I for one defiantly appreciate them!)

  103. sophie says:

    just wondering if anyone knows if alcohol is not allowed? even just a glass of wine? i know it said caffeine is not allowed but just wondering if that went for alcohol too
    thank you!

  104. Forsythiah says:

    Down 2 more pounds!!! I’m at 121 now and feeling good because this last week it was really hard to stick with the diet and workouts due to my travel schedule. Traveling again this week for work so it will be hard again but at least I’ve got the motivation going. Put THE DRESS on this past week and it fits! A few more pounds and I’ll be feeling really good in it. Got about 2 weeks to go so I think I should be able to hit my goal weight by the 13th. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit but I’ve created a new ipod workout playlist full of Lady GaGa type numbers to keep me dancing regularly. Feel a bit old for the music but it truly gets me up and shaking it. Hey, if Madonna does it so can I right?

    Jennifer – I’m doing the diet along with the workouts although I am adding some fruit as a snack and I haven’t abandoned coffee or wine but I just make sure I keep those quite limited (and add extra dance time for every glass of wine).

    Madspants – how’s it going for you? We’ve both got Valentines Day targeted so I’m cheering you on!

  105. Carol says:

    I started the diet on January 25, 2010. My starting weight = 147.5. Today, after one week I weight 141…6.5 less!!! My goal 132 lbs by the 13th!!!…I’ll report next monday…..

  106. Jennifer C says:

    Since there are two Jennifer’s I add my last initial.

    The post preg dvd is awesome. Very tough on abs and great leg work out. I would totally recommend this regardless if you have had kids or not. I am going to try her latest and greatest dvds as well. Stay tuned.

    Also if you want to change up your cardio, she recommends a 20min ipod play list, do sprints on a treadmill for a song, trampoline for a song and jump rope for a song and keep rotating until your do 20mins worth. Each week she recommends adding 3 more songs. It is pretty hard especially the jump rope :(

    Forsythiah you are never to old for lady Gaga!! Her music is fun and very motivating Keep up the good work!!

  107. voice of sanity says:

    Everyone is avoiding the obvious subject.

    There is no good reason to dip below 1200 calories per day for a woman, or 1500 for a man.

    A few of the posters here seem primed for an eating disorder. Working out for hours a day and combining it with a starvation diet is not healthy for your body. It’s borderline ill. And then there was that annoying poster who said that people who referred to Tracy’s 700 calorie per day plan as “restrictive” were merely fat chicks lacking discipline. No lady, those dissenting voices are from the sane people who do not think starvation and healthy eating go hand in hand.

    Weight loss is simple: use more than you consume. You can literally eat McDonald’s cheeseburgers all day and lose weight, though it wouldn’t be healthy. Anderson’s method works because the women who do it are literally starving themselves and burning enough calories in the mean time to erupt into flames. Since everyone is subject to the laws of thermodynamics, her clients will lose weight. That doesn’t make it, or her method, healthy. I won’t bash her workout videos, because it might be nice to try them every now and again for variety, but I would never touch the starvation plan.

    I also take everything she says with a grain of salt. Tracy Anderson is a celebrity trainer so she uses lots of gimmicks and outlandish claims to attract her clientele. In reality “bulking up” is a myth for most women who weight train above three pounds AND shame on her for promoting those bunk claims when lots of older women need strength training to prevent bone fractures and immobility. Also, spices don’t make you gain weight – check out the mean weight of women in India, where spiced food is the norm. It’s all about calories…duh.

    Also note that she is a certified con artist – she stole thousands from clients in Indiana when she closed down her studio without warning. She also refused to compensate them for hundreds of prepaid sessions, and even left some of her trainers unpaid. I even heard that the dancers in her upcoming videos threatened to sue her so they would get paid. She is quite dishonest, boasting to clients that she was in the Broadway Show Cats, a pink power ranger, and graduated from Julliard (in reality she dropped out within a semester).

    Don’t trust a serial liar, especially without certification in physical training, with your health. And for Christ’s sake, don’t eat less than 1200 calories a day – you are human beings, not skeletons in training. Take care of yourselves. Use common sense.

    I can only point out the way to reason; you have to want it too.

  108. Olga says:

    Jennifer thank u so much , for yr answer , but on my dvd the artist’s name is not writen , can you pls tell me ? I ve loved the music and searched the tube to find it but got no luck !

    I have not yet started the diet , is it so effective ?????? I guess i better should get down on it …

    I m doing 5 times per week treadmill for about and hour and then for 30 minutes i do some of the mat programm , i have separated the muscle exersices, so i m doing 30 min legs or hands or bottom exersices and daily i m doing the exersices for the abdominal area ! You see my goal is to loose fat and because it is very hard for me to learn her dance cardio , i m doing treadmill instead . Is that ok you think or her mat workout is enough ? I think a combination is the best …. dont you guys ?

    Forsythiah , i was wondering , was it easy for you to follow the diet ?????????

  109. emy says:

    hey I weigh 99 kilos and want to lose some weight to be healthy and I am going to a wedding mid april this method is it going to work for me.

  110. Jennifer C says:

    Hi Olga- The songs are listed below. I started the diet on Sunday myself. I have followed it pretty much to the listed items but add celtic salt and pepper. Which I feel are good for you. And like Forsythiah, I drink a 1/2 glass of wine every now and again! LOL!! Doesnt seem that bad but I am sure the weekend will not be fun!

    I find the cardio dance very hard as well. I have am do her other cardio suggestion. Download 20 mins of songs on your ipod, and alternate between songs, treadmill sprints, jump rope, trampoline. Very very hard but really fun! I do her matt dvd or post preg dvd then I do the cardo. So this takes be about 1hr and 1/2. I try to do this 5 days a week.

    1. Light
    2. Patiently Experiencing Zero
    3. Hero Instrumental
    4. Honis Sweet Instrumental
    5. Repetition Live
    Composed by Natalie Avakian

  111. Jennifer C says:

    Hi Olga- the songs are by Natalie Avakian http://www.badassjackson.com

    1. light
    2. patiently experiencing zero
    3. Hero Instrumental
    4. Honis Sweet Instrumental
    5. Repetition Live

  112. Jennifer C says:

    Olga the artist is Natalie Avakain http://www.badassjackson.com.

  113. Starfish22 says:

    I am so intrigued by Tracy Anderson’s workouts and diet plan and would love to try it. I am just looking to really tone my body and gain some core strength as well as firm up some extra softness around my mid section and slightly bulky arms.

    However I am a vegetarian- has anyone tried to modify this diet w/out meat?
    I do eat eggs, but don’t think it is healthy to substitute all the meat in the plan with tofu or eggs.
    I would love any advice…

  114. olga says:

    Jennifer , thank U so much !!!!!!!!! I found the artist and i heard the songs , i just love the sound !!!!

    Well , the other day i did the post pregnancy dvd which i found more difficult than the mat workout and i liked it more , i felt more muscles burning , especially in my abdominal area and i think i m gonna stick with that for a while !!! The cardio is almost impossible for me to do , so i m using the treadmill instead , i m thinking of buying a jump rope and do that as well , something to keep me going , although after her 40 min programme i can hardly even walk !!!!!

    What do you think of her diet plan ??????

  115. Jennifer C says:

    I apologize for the multi responses, for some reason my computer was rejecting my comments but apparently they posted anyway!! Oh well!!

    voice of sanity: I do agree with your comment about the diet and she does tell you that unless you need to lose a bunch of weight then dont bother dieting at all. Which I dont need to but wanted to try and eat little more clean so to speak.

    So with that said, I dont follow it exactly. I just like the food combinations and I add in seasonings as well as good oils, good nuts and grains.

    You will get way to discouraged and end up worse off if you try to restrict yourself so much.

    Starfish: I wouldnt even know what to suggest trying to do this vegan.
    I wouldnt even bother. I would just do her workouts and see what happens in a few months. That is really what she recommends.

  116. Forsythiah says:

    The diet plan is extraordinarily restrictive. If you want to drop 8-10 pounds FAST, follow it to the letter. If you do that, just know that it is going to be hellishly hard because it is so spartan. I personally think you would have to be crazy to follow it exactly for more than two weeks. I add in fruit and fresh veggies for snacks and as stated in previous posts, I keep coffee and wine because I just enjoy them too much. I am a huge fan of the mat workout. It has truly given me the long, lean look that I wanted but couldn’t achieve through running and strength training. The 13th is coming up quickly and I’m anxious to try on the dress again. My weigh-in on Sunday had me down to 120 so I’m feeling quite happy.

  117. Emma says:

    I agree with the Voice of Sanity!! Especially if Tracy has not had much training in nutrition, to survive on anything less than 1000 kcal seems absolutely crazy. We are all organic machines which need food to correctly sustain our bodily functions. Recommended guidelines have long been set by nutrionalists to ensure we can stay healthy. Has anyone considered cutting out dairy can contribute to osteoporosis especially if we are a little older than some others. The meal plan I saw on this page cuts carbs right down and since when has half a cup been a recognised measurement for vegetable portions?

    I don’t wish to put anyone down but this regime seems faddish and celebrity fuelled. Madonna looks freakish with those arms and hands, Gwenneth looks good granted, but these ladies have shed loads of money and have highly controlled supplements/personal 24/7 trainers and more time on their hands then the average lady with kids, a school run on top of her working week.

    To be healthy and lose weigh you need balance – a sensible diet with a consistant level of exercise.
    I agree with the cutting out alcohol and I personally do not drink caffiene as I have an intolerance to it but I do not think this meal plan is smart even if it is for 6weeks or whatever!

    Tracy seems to be the latest buzz and I have considered buying her videos but after researching and reading the blogs I don’t think I’ll bother. I’m healthy, size 8, age 31 and I look after myself (for anyone curious about the statistics) and I’m from the UK. I trained in dance/ballet at a young age.
    The best form of exercise which gave me the best results in a short space was Thai kick boxing, especially due to the intense warm up work outs but honestly everyone is different and DVDs do get boring – they don’t talk back or correct you if you go wrong. I suggest taking up a sport or an aerobic class at the gym more spirit lifting and its definately more fun to exercise with group support.

    Don’t forget exercising is not just about the size of your dress its to make sure you are healthy and fit inside too! If you don’t have time for classes (I don’t always) then have an early morning jog therefore you’ve got a great start to the day and you won’t feel guilty if you can’t make the gym or DVD after work! Be happy, healthy and safe! xxx

  118. Sara says:

    Forsythiah: Did you wait the whole week before you got on the scale? I started the diet on Monday and got on the scale today (Friday), and am not really losing. I am following the diet and working out daily. I had a baby 2 months ago and am really trying to jump-start this weight loss. I gained about 65lbs which is HUGE for me. I was about 115 before pregnancy and am 5’3″. I am obvs trying to get back down to 110 if possible.

    You have seen great results!! Any tips would be great.

  119. tamara says:

    I have read with interest all of these comments….I am a personal trainer and have found that one size does not fit all. I cannot give all my clients the same programme and hope that the results will be the same, because we are all different and our DNA will often dictate how we lose weight and how we build muscle. Firstly, this diet is dangerously low in calories, especially if you are wanting to follow an exercise plan too. I would feel hungry all day on this diet and feeling hungry simply makes me think about food! better to fill up on fruit and vegetables and follow a clean eating regimen which will fill you with proper nutrition. Ofcourse, anyone who wants to do 2 hours of exercise a day is going to lose weight initially, but they will soon start to feel exhausted and have a hard time keeping up with the schedule. I would recommend no more than an hour of intense exercise a day , with days off in between. Leading a more active lifestyle will also help you maintain your weight loss…walking to the shops, taking stairs instead of a lift, running around after your kids, cleaning your house…even ironing burns impressive amounts of calories!! Sorry, but this celebrity stuff annoys the hell out of me!

  120. Vily says:

    Sounds like everyone is really into losing weight. But it seems to hard for me. I’ve never heared of Tracy until i watched ‘O’. I found this web while searching for her workout.

    My problem is that i dont earn very much cash to start on the meal plans or even joining a gym. I hope i could loose this weight with the useful tips some of you wrote in. Its really inspiring to read tips and results.

    Hope i could really really loose it… and good luck to you all too…

  121. ChicWolf says:

    The reason you will drop weight fast is b/c this diet is highly restrictive, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were consuming under 1000 cals a day following her program. Combine such restrictive eating with intense exercise and you are just asking for a METABOLIC BOMB. You need to eat to lose weight, starving weight off will only make you pile it on ten fold once you start eating normal again. Women, don’t ever go below 1200 calories, EVER, and if you only have ~10 pounds to lose make sure you are eating your BMR (google BMR calculator) or else you could be losing muscle and storing fat. Eating too few calories will turn you into a fat storing machine and could make you hypothryoid. The goal when losing weight is to preserve lean muscle and burn fat/intramuscular fat. Eat clean, whole foods, nothing processed, drink tons of water and watch the sodium (stay under 2000 mg a day).

  122. lia bia says:

    This diet is just like the nutri-system diet

  123. Josie says:

    I am excited to start this diet. Today will be my first day. I ordered the Mat DVD and will begin that today as well. I have let myself go after years of working out and just getting bored with the gym. I plan on following the diet as it is with the exception of adding coffee with sugar free creamer in the mornings. I will update weekly as a way to motivate myself and keep myself in check. :) starting weight is 151.4 and I am 5’2″. I have a long way to go. My first goal is to be at 140 by March 14th. I hope this works. I am ready!!

  124. Danee' says:

    Been on this diet (modifided to 1300 calories but of the same foods just more) for 12 days now. have lost 4lbs so far. I have all of her Dvds / webisodes. and i workout to them 6x a week, i do her Treadmill routine for cardio! In these 12 days ive lost 1 full inch on my hips, half a inch on my waist, and 1/2 inch on both thighs!
    Tracy’s method is great. =)

  125. MeMe says:

    I was interested, until I read this:


  126. Starvation Nation says:

    Ladies, I am as enthusiatic as the rest of you…I have ordered my TA videos and purchased her webisodes, but as soon I read about this 600 cal diet, I wanted to reach through the double-you double-you double-you dot and bop some of you on the head: this is not a diet, this is starvation.

    Do you know REALLY what this plan is? It’s the size-zero diet. I once saw a report about a journalist who had done a similar diet and workout plan to get to that “magical” number. Aided by a physician she ate 600 calories a day and worked out 2 hours a day, sound familiar? She was already thin to start with but in the end was Victoria B/Skeletor thin. This might be the goal for some of you, but if you remember anything from my post remember this: when she stopped the diet, she had to gradually reintroduce those additional calories to prevent that dreaded yo-yo effect which we have all suffered through (lose 5 pounds, gain 8 pounds). I would never, never put myself through this kind of torture. I have made peace with the fact that I will never have my 103lb dancer body back, but I have also vowed to do what I can to be healthy, which today means losing those last 9lbs to get to be 115lb goal.

  127. Bianca S says:

    I’ve got 2 kids. (One via Caesarean, and the following, via natural delivery.)
    I’m 5’6 (176cm), and pre kids, I weighed approx 63kg (139 pounds).
    After my 2nd child, my weight crept up to 75kg (165 pounds)

    Walking/Jogging (alternating) 4 times a week got my weight down to 70kg (154 pounds), but then my weight plateaued.

    I tried the Dance cardio, but I was way too unco-ordinated to grasp it.
    I might attempt Tracy’s dvd: Beginners Cardio.

    Post pregnancy method has been AWESOME.
    I try to do it at least 4 times a week.
    My husband says I look the best I’ve looked since having kids.
    I’m still working to get rid of a bit of an ‘apron stomach’ from the caesar, but getting there slowly.
    Started seeing results (toning) after a month of persistence.

    RE: Diet.
    I just trying to eat cleaner.
    And my biggest change was cutting back on dinner (portion control), especially the carb content.
    At first, I found I was fairly hungry during the day, but that’s because I’d become accustomed to over eating.

    I think Tracys diet is strictly Hollywood and strictly short term.

    Long term I’ve learnt that, only development of lean muscle tissue (ie. from doing the post pregnancy workout), aids in fat burning/metabolism.

    Which is why I’m setting a long term goal. Once I tone up, I’ll have enough muscle to maintain a healthy weight.

    Short term diets = quick weight loss, but also quick weight gain.

    As someone wrote above, Gwenyth doesn’t like to diet, and Tracy also said she was no good at dieting, so I think Tracy’s dvds are the key to successful weight management here (as long as you follow a sensible diet)

    Sophie: I read that you are meant to eliminate all alcohol if you plan on following the above diet

  128. Josie says:

    Well I did the DVD workout 4 days and 25-35 minutes of cardio 5 days this week. I am down to 146.6. I followed most of the diet but added some extra vegetagles and fruits or chicken if I felt hungry. Looking forward to next weeks weigh in. I will follow the diet one more week. Then add 200 calories per week uptil I am up to 1200 calories. If you look closely at the diet, week 2 adds some carbs and a few more calories, same as week 3. Good luck to everyone.
    Goal: 140 by march 14th (2 weeks)

  129. sam says:

    it’s much worse than a size zero diet. not only will it mess with your metabolism (as a result of not eating enough to even function or THINK properly!! (maybe that’s the point ;) ) but it totally avoids some entire food groups! this diet is fast-track to failure (i mean seriously… come on!! even as far as healthy food goes – it’s just completely boring!!! who could stick to it with a smile on their face??) and a danger to your health. osteoperosis comes to mind very quickly….. where r the minimum 3 daily serves of calcium??? i can feel some hunched over old ladies coming on…. not a good look.

  130. sam says:

    as for the replier who asked how to do a vegetarian wersion….


    fish isn’t red meat.
    the lack of iron in this diet is a major concern.
    brocolli and greens are not gonna cut it as far as calcium and iron go, even tho they are sources of these minerals.

    tired anyone?

    irritable, perhaps???
    having trouble staying focused???

    no wonder.

    im a fitness instructor and i actually dont mind her workouts. the cardio is crap – even if you’re uncoordinated – but her muscle toning and reps are awesome for building muscle endurance without adding bulk (which we as ladies will never really be able to do anyway – as MOST us need testosterone).

  131. promotional reality? says:

    does she work for Kashi?

  132. Moriah says:

    I too bought the cardio and the mat DVD. The Mat DVD is wonderful. I have been doing it for three weeks and have already lost my “muffin top” and my stomach looks so much flatter. Her diet is restrictive, so I am just eating protein,vegtables, fruit, organic goats milk yogurt, etc…Yes she’s had some legal trouble, but who cares? I have tried all kinds of workouts and NONE have worked as fast as her mat workout. I tried the dance DVD (it’s hard), so I am going to work my way into that one. Thanks for the tip on the abs with the pregnancy workout, I might get that too for my abs. Don’t pay attention to the scale, measure yourself- I have lost an inch off my waist and 1/2″ off my hips- doesn’t sound like much, but that was jsut the first two weeks.

    The point is, whether you agree with her diet, her DVD’s work!!! I have read a lot of comments and if you notice the trend, it’s that her DVD’s do make you long and lean. It’s not necessarily about being stick thin. But I hate doing a Denise Austin DVD and the only thing that is sore are my quads. I did TA’s mat video and was sore in places I had never been sore before. Try it, it really works-

  133. jackie says:

    I am starting today – I’m going to have my first grandchild this summer and I want to be healthy for him so I will have many years to play and love. I just received the first two dance tapes, and I also hope to walk an hour a day with my dog. I know I will see results – by eating healthy and following this plan. I am 5’1″ and 136 pounds. Let’s see where this takes me…. going into warrior mode today! So excited!

  134. ChicWolf says:

    Josie you are asking for trouble, you shouldn’t have to work your way up to 1200 calories a day, you should not BE at anything under 1200 calories a day! Especially with the amount of working out you are doing. I know you want to get the weight off quickly but if you want to KEEP it off, you have to take care of your body while you lose it. Starving off the weight will only cause you to gain it all back and THEN some when you return to eating like a normal person. As I mentioned earlier do not ever go below your bmr and once you get down to only having about 10 lbs to lose to reach your goal, google your BMR and never eat below that and ONLY get your calorie deficit from exercise. Eat clean, whole foods, eat complex carbs (brown rice, millet, quinoa, etc) drink tons of water (80 oz minimum a day) and keep your sodium around 1500 mg or under and you should be fine.

  135. Kaz31 says:

    Well I bought the DVD’s this week. I love the mat work, but the cardio is just not for me. Do you think I could get results if I bought a different dance dvd? One that is more for bigginers? I really only have an hour to work out so not really sure how to work in mat work and cardio, I really don’t want to workout everyday!!

  136. Josie says:

    Cardio 5 days and video 4 days. Down to 144.2. Will keep this weeks calories around 1000-1100 to make sure I don’t gain any of the weight back and expect to be at 1200 calories by the week of 3/14.
    I do understand that being under 1200 calories is not the best, but I am making my way back up to it slowly so I don’t gain the weight back. The only reason I started the diet as is was because I needed a kick start to get me motivated.. :D and I am motivated now..

  137. Josie says:

    Video 4 days this week. Cardio 5 days. Down to 144.8. Up to 1000-1100 calories this next week. Working the calories back up slowly so I don’t gain the weight back. I know this is drastic, but it has motivated me.. and it is just for three weeks. Should be back up to 1200 by the week of 3/14. :D

  138. Marie says:

    ok please help! i have been on every diet imaginable atkins, low cal, low fat, low everything and it is just not working! once i went on a 500 calorie diet”(doing cardio for 30-45 minutes a day) and over the span of 5 weeks i only lost 5 pounds, so that obviously wasnt working. i just started this diet because i hear tracy is a miricle worker. Im officially 133lbs (according to my scale) and 5′ 5” i want to drop down to 115-125lbs. By no means do i want to be a size 0 so i thought this 6 week diet would be a good one to try. Im jusy following the diet and excersize plan posted here so do you think this will work out for me? oh and i was wondering what type of kashi cereal is she suggesting to eat i bought the kashi golean crunch but i have a feeling thats the wrong one because its 190 cals for a cup!
    PS= im a vegetarian so if anyone could help me replace the meats in this diet with something else please post a reply! thanks for all the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. tracy ehl says:


  140. joy says:

    I’ve been maintaining a small size for 2 decades thru healthy eating and exercise and I can tell you
    this is not a lifetime plan. One day you will want a piece of chocolate cake and you should be able to have that. Or you may feel like a couch potato for a couple of days and not want to work out. You have to listen to your body – its common sense. By this time everyone knows how to eat healthy. Smaller portions and definitely move your body. I do agree with the light weights, but you can go heavier without bulking up. But with this eating plan, as soon as you tire of it – and you will – you will gain back all the weight and more. The each bite of food you take will pack it on.

    P.S. I don’t want to sound mean but Tracy Anderson has lost all her curves and looks awful. She is completely hipless in that red carpet picture with those fake bubble boobs and so proud of it! This diet will definitely ruin your breasts big time.

  141. ChicWolf says:

    Marie, since you do not have that much weight to lose, I would argue you have NO weight to lose, but if you want to lose that last 10 lbs what you need to do is google your BMR. This will tell you how many cals u burn a day just by being alive (breathing, hair growing, etc.). Make sure that you eat ATLEAST that many calories a day. Let your calorie deficit come only from working out. Do a mixture of strength training and cardio taking 2 days off a week. Give yourself one “high calorie day” where you eat like 1600 calories (i’m assuming your BMR will tell you to eat around 1300-1400 a day). Make sure the foods you are eating are WHOLE foods, limit all processed foods, increase your water intake to 80 oz a day and watch your sodium intake (stay around 1500 mg a day). Since you are a vegetarian increase grains like quinoa, millet, brown rice, have atleast one HUGE salad a day filled with tons of veggies and a protein like beans. Eat 3x a day with one snack so you are eating every 3-4 hours. When you do exercise go HARD.

    If you drastically cut your calories like you have in the past your body turns into a fat storing machine and you won’t lose anything but water and/or muscle tissue. NOT GOOD. Do you want to be “skinny fat”? I didn’t think so. You have to eat to lose weight, your body won’t let you burn thru fat if it thinks you are starving so you have to keep adding fuel to your furnace by eating. But like I said make those foods as whole and clean as possible and eat atleast your BMR, up the water, watch the sodium and exercise, you should be fine.

  142. Kathryn says:

    I just bought Tracys dance cardio and mat workout video…are you supposed to do all of the combos at one time or break it down??

  143. maria says:

    hello ladies!!
    just few things:
    i’ve been doing Tracy’s mat, postpartum dvd and webisodes for 2 months, 5 times a week, no cardio. I’ve seen HUGE difference only from that!! lost inches all over my body, my pre-pregnancy clothes fit, my butt looks great, everything.
    I don’t diet, never did. I cook at home, no junk food, no restaurants. trying to eat cleaner but hey i’m not gonna give up on coffee or glass of wine or my favorite greek youghurt..

    I just purchased her new Perfect Design series to mix and match my workout routine. I also started to do Beginner dance since i am no dancer and have “both feet left”..I must say Beginner dance as cardio is great, will add 20 min of it to my routine

    So all in all: exercise, no diet, eat healthy, indulge yourself once in a while with a glass of wine..
    I am seeing HUGE HUGE change the way my body looks just from working out, no diets…

    here are my wbisodes I alternate with mat 1. Webisode – Abs

    2. Webisode – Arms

    3. Goop – Lower Body

    4. Goop – Dance Cardio

    5. Arms, Abs, Butt at Bootcamp

    6. Goop – Arms

    http://www.mamalifestyles.com/ that is mini trampoline cardio from tracy

  144. Dawn says:

    Hi everyone, In the past year I have put on over 30 pounds by eating alot of fatty foods and drinking too many mixed drinks…with the summer getting nearer I want to shed the weight- my husband and I want to start trying for kids next year so this may be my last summer without kids…I really would love to have a partner to do this with so if you’re interested let me know! I plan on starting tomorrow with a three day fruit fast just to clean my system of all it’s impurities…I plan on keeping everyone posted on my progress-this will help keep me motivated…I am 5′ tall and weigh 133 right now, which is alot for a petite person who is used to weighing around 97…so off i go!

  145. Dawn says:

    Well I’ve already tried to post once so if there’s double postings from me I apologize…but if not I will paraphrase what I said before…I have recently put on over thirty pounds by eating terribly and not working out…I’m going to try this diet along with the mat video and am ordering the cardio video today, I plan on starting out by following a three day cleanse then beginning the diet on tuesday…I am 5 ft tall and weigh 133 which is alot when you are petite and are used to weighing 97 pounds, I would love to have someone to do this with, it’s much easier having someone to keep you on track…I also plan on posting my results each week! Soo off I go embarking on this difficult journey of giving up my crack-sugar and fitting back into my clothes and in a bathing suit by this summer!!!

  146. lori says:

    Bally’s gave me a diet plan – 6am – Protein shake/9 am-snack/1 Lunch/4pmsnack/8pm-Protein Shake
    OK- I weigh 122/4″11 and my body fat is at 34% – Today was my first day and starving. I dont want to turn to mush. I know I am overweight but I do not want to turn my body into saggy maggy. HELP??

  147. Sonia says:

    I do not eat meat so am subsituting the meat portions with thin salmon slices, I think the vegetarian meats are processed so may not be good. Does anyone have any tips for good alternatives and is the salmon a good subsitute?

    Also, there are a few products that I am not sure about…
    What is a good replacement for Quinoa (I am based in europe) as I think that is a US product?

    I am eating weetabix (high fibre, low fat) cereal as Kashi is also a US product.

    Does anyone know of a good replacement for the Kashi bar?

    Does it matter at what time of day I eat the snacks? I am eating them as a dessert after dinner?

    I do not want to steer to far from the plan but some things, I just cannot get here….

    I hope my choices are ok,
    Any tips?

  148. lori says:

    Has anyone followed this diet and work out routine to a T and received significant results? or what revisions did you do?

  149. Smith says:

    Marie- If you’re looking for a good vegetarian meal plan, read Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live. It’s great. He gets great results, and it works with whatever workout plan you’re doing. :) Best of luck :)

  150. blue says:

    Any updates ladies? I just got her DVDs today and tried the cardio and mat exercise! I’m really hoping to drop 20 pounds!

  151. Josie says:

    Hi my friend and I started this diet on monday and weighed in today, Friday. I have lost 3.5 lbs and my friend 4lbs. We’ve still been having tea, olive oil and we have not limited our veg or fruit but it seems to be working pretty quickly! Fingers crossed for the next 6 weeks!

  152. Bianca P says:

    Hi all – i started the mat and cardio work out yesterday and sweet mary – am i feeling it in my arms and stomach. – i have always loved dancing – so really think i have found a great workout system – weighing in at a hefty 204 pounds and only 5 foot 1 – so i have a huge way to go – but this time i feel alive and motivated.

  153. ArmsnAbs says:

    Tracy has a Facebook page where every TA groupie can be found. I personally love her exercise routines …learning how to dance cardio has been hard but check Efi’s breakdown of a combo on youtube and give it a go …soooo much fun …..Part one breakdown http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NQ0Zh-HDSE&feature=related …….then look for the actual routine in part two …. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qz5mEPi7-nQ&feature=related ……..

  154. mngurl says:

    I recently saw the Tracy Anderson Method online. I live in a tiny place so the cardio dance seems hard to take on, but I’m going to buy the mat dvd that I’ve heard so much about. Anyone got any advice for a beginner?

  155. Michelle says:

    I have been really slack lately and eating the bad foods like chocolate and cakes, and I have 3 weeks until my birthday and I need to look my best in a super sexy outfit,so I am going to start this diet on Monday for three weeks and give myself 1 free day each week so I don’t go stir crazy.

    Does anyone have any tips??? I need my snacks so anyone got advice on that, because she only allows 1 snack per day,.\

  156. osborn says:

    I am 54 and have been anything from a size 10 to a 18-20, 5’8, I have tried , HMR, Jenny Craig, Nutri System, The gym, Atkins and stravation. They all work to some degree and most worked until I got to my goal and left the program. I am now going to try Sensible eating and moving more, I dont know but I bet this one will work to until I get bored. This one sounds goofy anyone can lose weight on 700-1200 calories a day!!! ladies lets wake up and use our heads:-)

  157. lilbabiebluez says:

    Starting the diet tomorrow. I don’t want to lose 20lbs, but 10 would be nice. I have three weeks until Memorial Day weekend, so time to get bikini ready!

    Anyone want to join in with me?

  158. Ariane says:

    Also remember ladies that the more muscle you have the more calories your body burns. Muscle uses up more calories than other body tissue – e.g FAT!

    I couldn’t last a day on such a restrictive diet, much less 6 weeks. The less you eat, the slower your metabolism so you really are losinjg the weight from the hour+ of cardio you’re doing every day. When we eat as little as this, our bodies think we’re starving so they go into hibernation mode and use as few calories as possible.

  159. Ariane says:

    Sonia – they sell quinoa in my local Morrison’s so I’m sure you’ll find it somewhere.

  160. vaun says:

    No comments since April. What’s up with that. ny one willing to do workouts together, the whole accountabilty plan? Vaun@Digis.net

  161. Ally says:

    THAT IS LIKE NO FOOD. Yeah obviously you will lose 3-5 lbs of weight per week because you are barely eating. How can you have the energy to exercise with barely any nutrients coming into your body? One of the lunch examples for week 1 was two hard boiled eggs with 1/2 cup carrots. Now, on what planet is that a meal?

  162. Sarah says:

    I have searched for Tracy’s treadmill workout DVD but with no success. Does anyone know if it still available?

  163. Jules says:

    I saw results the first week I tried this. I am vegan/vegetarian, so the diet was difficult for me to follow even if I wanted to try the small portions. BUT I did try to eliminate most of the things on the “do not eat” list and I saw definite results. I lost 2 lbs. my first week. Since starting on March 1st, I’ve lost 11 lbs. I am continuing with the diet and eat the ThinkThin bars she recommends elsewhere. 20g of protein! :)

  164. Anna says:

    I’m sorry, but this woman is nuts. Thankfully some commentors above consume more than 1200 calories a day and can therefore still think clearly, but over all there are far too many enthusiasts. I’ll repeat: THIS WOMAN IS NUTS. Obviously you’ll lose weight when you don’t eat. There is, however, not enough protein to build muscle (you need about 1 gram per lb of body weight to do that) so all you will do is wither away. This “diet” is something I would expect to find on a pro-ana site; all that’s missing is the tip that if you eat cotton balls you won’t feel as hungry. Disgusting.

  165. Jessica says:

    It totally works. I am a model and I weighed about 125 and I had to lose a few inches in my waist in a week. I didn’t lose weight but the inches came off. I will have to say that I will never straight run again because when you do grapevines and backwards skips you get a way better ab workout- I lost two inches in a week. The diet is pretty intense but it is worth it. If you can’t handle such a small amount of food you can just eat ALOT of fruits and veggies to keep yourself busy with food but her meals are pretty easy you just have to boil a bunch of chicken a few times a week and it will last you through the week. I think I should add that because this diet is so high in meat-BUY ORGANIC. The hormones and feed that they give conventional animals will not help your energy levels or weight loss!!

  166. siobhan says:

    So I totally love SOME of her twists on regular excecises, mostly her butt ones if you take a look on her site It’s under gywenth’s workout. But her Method is such bullshit. It’s so simple she is no Genius she is starving people to be thin, things we no work. But not for long, and that aren’t healthy. It’s pretty simple you eat healthy, and we all know what healthy is Fresh fruit veges Organic Protein such as chicken, High fibre and low fat carbohydrates such as wholegrain breads, brown rice and natural museli, snack on raw nuts. We no it, it’s not hard!! And definetly lift more than 3lbs what the hell!! I am 157cm tall and weigh 48kgs, Tiny I think! and I lift 4kg dumbells I have no bulk what so ever (except my bum and boobs but hey I can’t complain that’s definetly the body a women should want and not a flat Tracey Anderson/Madonna body!) And there is no way you’ll catch me doing 100reps of an exercise, how ridiculous!!

    She says she wants you to be the tiniest and strongest you’ll ever be and yet be feminime how is being tiny flatchested buttless and curveless feminime? I Think My partner thinks I have a much sexier body then she does or Madonna even though I don’t have rock hard abs. I’m fit and healthy. ALSO how strong can you be lifting 3lbs? REALLY is she serious?!!

    HAHA I’m getting mad just thinking about it!! This is a women who obviously thinks stickthin is the ideal and is the reason for young girls getting so thin and anorexic. DISGUSTING. Be healthy!

  167. Andrea says:

    I have been following her workout dvds for a year and have noticed great results! I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been. I usually do her Mat dvd followed by one of the Dance Cardio dvds. I don’t however follow the diet but I do eat pretty healthy for the most part. I’ve lost a few lbs but lots of inches!

  168. Karyl says:

    Hi everyone! This seems exciting and I just ordered the Post Pregnancy and Mat videos. I just had my 2nd baby and need to lose 30 lbs to get down to my ideal 110 (5’2″). Been on P90X and losing some weight, but not fast enough, so I will try supplementing that with TA. I’m breastfeeding, so 700 cal wouldn’t be a good idea for me, but will maybe stick with the 1800 P90X calls for. Any ideas? Should I dip below 1800? Maybe 1500? Thanks!

  169. Sarah says:

    Wanted to start doing her program and diet and wondered how many times a week people generally do her cardio and toning dvds? Also wondered if anyone wanted to do it with me….think a buddy might make it easier!! Let me know if anyone is interested!

  170. Joanna says:

    Can anyone tell me if the sizes for the food in the diet is based on cooked or raw portions?

    E.g one cup of pasta, do you size before or after cooking?


  171. Joanna says:


    Are the measurements for food when it is raw or when it is cooked?

    e.g. one cup of rice before cooking or after?


  172. Joanna says:

    Can anyone tell me if the measurements for the diet are before cooking or after cooking?

    E.g. one cup of rice – is this measured before I cook or after?


    What cup is it?
    United States customary cup
    United States customary cup is defined as half a U.S. pint.
    1 U.S. customary cup = 1/16 U.S. customary gallon
    = ¼ U.S. customary quart
    = ½ U.S. customary pint
    = 8 U.S. customary fluid ounces
    = 16 U.S. customary tablespoons[nb 2]
    ≈ 237 millilitres[nb 3]
    ≈ 15⅔ international tablespoons
    ≈ 11¾ Australian tablespoons
    ≈ 0.833 imperial cups
    ≈ 8.33 imperial fluid ounces
    United States “legal” cup
    The cup currently used in the United States for nutrition labeling is defined in United States law as 240 mL.[1][2][3]
    1 U.S. “legal” cup = 240 millilitres
    = 16 international tablespoons
    = 12 Australian tablespoons
    ≈ 8.12 U.S. customary fluid ounces
    ≈ 8.45 imperial fluid ounces

    Can anyone tell me how much your cup of rice weighs so I can compare against mine? My cups are looking pretty big??? I am in UK and using cups bought from here.

  173. Jewls says:

    I may have missed it but where do you get her meal plans? If i want to try it out?

  174. jill says:

    I could see how so little food, and especially carbs, help you lose weight. I’ve done it myself. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about Tracy, but hello, I regularly do 1.5 hour cardio/gym workouts alternating with 7-10 trail runs at altitude. I would bonk in about one second if I ate so little. I’m wondering how these gals exercise so much on so little fuel.

  175. Amy says:

    I’ve got to second Anna on this one. This woman is promoting a starvation diet– so of course it works! Anyone who goes back to “maintenance” diet of more food is going to gain all that weight back and then some. Contrary to popular belief, weight loss isn’t about calories in and calories out. More and more science has shown that insulin levels are the determining factor. Eating the right combination of macro nutrients: carbs, protein and fat is the key to regulating insulin levels. Her “meal plan” is almost entirely carbs with nominal amounts of protein– not nearly enough to promote muscle repair, let alone gain, considering the two hour workouts she recommends. And even if this does make you lose all the weight you could dream of, do you really want to be some weak, emaciated stick of a woman who can’t pick up anything?

  176. Myrna says:

    Does anyone know an estimate of calories burned for the mat workout?
    Thx!!! Keep sweating

  177. Mel says:

    hey guys!!
    got the box set sequence 1-2-3 and starting the workout tonight! Going shopping tomorow for food, not sure about giving up coffee and I will probably add a couple of healthy snacks and hope it will all go for the best! I’m 5 feet 1 and weight 145 pounds. I will post my updates every week like my new inspiration Forsythiah! Wish me luck!! :0)

  178. nadia says:

    Can I just point out that Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna have always been skinny!?! And that Gwyneth is now Tracy’s business partner, hence her name being everywhere? And that this diet plan is only going to make women GAIN weight after their bodies kick into actual hunger and then store more fat because their bodies are worried about under-fed again? And that their sugars will not metabolize as quickly because the body will see glucose as something to store rather than burn?

    And, while I’m at it, can I also point out the incredible amount of plastic surgery Tracy herself has had?! And how sad it is that us women in America have become so trapped in our own bodies that we all think we have to look like some sexualized underwear twigs?!

    Our bodies have a natural setpoint for weight. Our hunger signals are governed by those needs. All of these quick-fix fad diets are screwing up those natural signals and creating more weight problems and food issues than ever. Isn’t it time we created a modern feminism and stood up for learning to listen to our bodies rather than beat them into submission to be something they were never designed to be?

  179. nadia says:

    Can I just point out that Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna have always been skinny!?! And that Gwyneth is now Tracy’s business partner, hence her name being everywhere? And that this diet plan is only going to make women GAIN weight after their bodies kick into actual hunger and then store more fat because their bodies are worried about under-fed again? And that their sugars will not metabolize as quickly because the body will see glucose as something to store rather than burn?

    And, while I’m at it, can I also point out the incredible amount of plastic surgery Tracy herself has had?! And how sad it is that us women in America have become so trapped in our own bodies that we all think we have to look like some sexualized underwear twigs?!

    Our bodies have a natural setpoint for weight. Our hunger signals are governed by those needs. All of these quick-fix fad diets are screwing up those natural signals and creating more weight problems and food issues than ever. Isn’t it time we created a modern feminism and stood up for learning to listen to our bodies rather than beat them into submission to be something they were never designed to be?

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there are some cool exercise techniques in her program, but it’s not revolutionary… and even if it was, isn’t there a secret part of you inside somewhere that just wishes, wishes that you could just love and accept yourself exactly the way you are? that you could feel like your self worth wasn’t based on your weight or having a bottom like a victoria secret model? that you were judged and valued on much more important factors than whether you can stick to a 700 calorie diet?!…

  180. Alana says:

    I run 2.6 miles every morning and come home to do this workout. I LOVE IT (kicks my butt)! I try to do the diet plan (not very good at it) but I have been getting lots of feed back on how great I look! I love the arm workout! I’m 5’8 had a pretty good body most of the time but then I got married and had a baby (took on over 70lbs). Thank you for posting this work out and diet plan! For all you people who say this is a fad or think its not right, why would you post that? Obviously women need this and all your doing is discouraging us from doing it.

    Thank you Oodora!!

  181. Charlene says:

    I think her workout and Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat Right America diet will be my ticket. Have the DVD(s) and am learning to cook Dr. Furhman’s good food. Call it the caveman diet but it makes sense and will help you lose weight and stay disease free. Check it out. Eat Right America. And dance on -

  182. Charlene says:

    I think her workout and Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat Right America diet will be my ticket. Have the DVD(s) and am learning to cook Dr. Fuhrman’s good food. Call it the caveman diet but it makes sense and will help you lose weight and stay disease free. Check it out. Eat Right America. And dance on -

  183. Sylvie says:

    Can somebody tell me why we should stop drinking coffee ? Did I miss something written earlier ? If so, sorry but please repeat. thanks

  184. Sylvie says:

    Hi Ladies,

    I just read all of your comments, it’s very interesting.
    I would agree that Tracy’s diet is in fact a starvation that will backfire on you in the end.
    I like her DVDs a lot though, think that they are efficient, if you can still walk after your first session :-) .
    My question : why avoid caffeine , coffee ? Can anybody help me here ?

    regarding dieting : Weight Watchers is way more efficient and can be long term, actually life time and doable.

    and to whoever posted that before : I agree that the skinny ladies that we see are not even too much feminine in the end but look like hangers.

    Where is my Brigitte Bardot idole ? Thin, healthy but not skinny.
    love from France

  185. Sylvie says:

    Hi Ladies,

    I just read all of your comments, it’s very interesting.

    I would agree that Tracy’s diet is in fact a starvation that will backfire on you in the end.

    I like her DVDs a lot though, think that they are efficient, if you can still walk after your first session :-) .

    My question : why avoid caffeine , coffee ? Can anybody help me here ?

    regarding dieting : Weight Watchers is way more efficient and can be long term, actually life time and doable.

    and to whoever posted that before : I agree that the skinny ladies that we see are not even too much feminine in the end but look like hangers.

    Where is my Brigitte Bardot idole ? Thin, healthy but not skinny.

    love from France

  186. Heather says:

    There are so many Kashi cereals and I love the Go Lean version but I’m wondering if this is the best choice.

    Also, eating organic pasta & spinach seems tasteless without even olive oil or chopped tomatoes.
    Does anyone have a suggestion.

  187. Heather says:

    Which Kashi cereal is the best, I enjoy Go Lean but I’m wondering if it’s a good choice.

    Also, the pasta + vege dinner seems so bland, does anyone have a suggestion for a low fat sauce?
    I was thinking of olive oil & chopped tomatoes?

  188. karla says:

    I agree with Nadia (#177) but I don’t know if it’s true that Tracy has had plastic surgery. I think, though, that this way of eating would be OK for awhile and Tracy doesn’t ask you to eat like this for a long time. Remember, this was given to women who needed to lose weight quickly (i.e. Gwynnie in Ironman 1).
    I suggest reading about the CR diet (Longevity diet). You live longer and healthier when you eat less. It’s scientifically proven. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you start feeling it hitting your gut (in about 10 minutes). I think the WORST diet is Weight Watchers because it keeps you trapped in a vicious circle of weighing in and counting points and feeling judged. Yuck…the counting points becomes an obsession in itself and creates lots of unconscious stress. Women worrying about weighing in and not eating before they weigh in and then stuffing their faces when they get home and all kinds of nonsense like that.
    Love Tracy’s workout. It’s the only one that’s ever worked for me.

  189. Angie says:

    Nadia, Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. mace says:

    Good question Myrna – Does anyone know an estimate of calories burned for the mat workout?

  191. Ozelia says:

    Starting this plan today — I love the TA Mat DVD that I have and just ordered the Post Pregnancy DVD. I want to lose 10-15 lbs before Labor Day, since I need to be in a bikini for many days in a row during that time.

    I will keep you updated on my results!

  192. Suzan says:

    I have taken strength training before and noticed I was looking bigger. I eat very healthy and exercise everyday. I recently tried Tracey Anderson mat DVD only and I’ve noticed that I look more slender and my biceps and legs have slimmed down. I no longer look bulky. I break up her routine because it’s too much in one session. I overall have seen excellent results and you do get toned within a month. I stick to healthy eating and do the mat routine. I was wondering has anyone has bulked up over time using her mat routine? I don’t see any women complaining on here that it made them gain weight. Her routine is challenging and it takes time getting used to it. It took me a month. If it too difficult there are other options out there for women. Tracey does get you into shape within a month though. I don’t do her cardio I walk 3 miles instead. I just do her mat toning 30 mins a day. Overtime you see results.

  193. olive says:

    I did this diet & naturally lost weight. I was starving the first week but started to acclimate. Unfortunately, as I slowly started to introduce foods back in the weight crept back on. I lost 12 lbs & have gained 9 back w/in a year. When you gain weight back it comes back as more fat compared to what you had before. I am also trying to get pregnant & don’t know how healthy this diet is for that. I am trying the diet again but modified. I like spices so to eat w/o them for the rest of your life is unreasonable for me. But the diet does work…just be careful of gaining it back! Think about being able to eat like this for the rest of your life!!!

  194. Tara says:

    I’m starting this diet today! We have family pictures on September 18th, so I would like to be 131 by then! I will post my progress in following the diet every day! By the way, don’t worry about the nay sayers! My husband is a doctor, and recent studies show that low calorie diets to not harm you or your metabolism… what harms us is that fat around the midsection!!!!!!! I am starting at 143! I will let you all know!!!!!!!

  195. Martha says:

    I am starting this plan today along with the mat DVD and the pregnancy DVD because of the extra ab work. I am 146 today and need to lose 16 pounds by October 1. That gives me 5 weeks to accomplish my goal. Forsythiah was absolutely inspiring to me. I love a hard challenge so these dvds and diet look like the plan for me. I will check in weekly on Fridays and let you know of my progress. I will also check in sooner if I need any tips. Thanks for your support. Forsythiah, you sounded like you looked fabulous! That feeling/look is what I’m aiming for. Thanks for the inspiration!

  196. Que2workout says:

    I’m not surprise that you lose 3-5 lbs a week. I’m also not surprised that you put the weight back on soon after. I calculated the calorie content of a typical day on this diet and you eat around 700-800 calories, way below the amount that is recommended as a safe level. In addition, the 2 hours of working out, dependin on your intensity would burn 200-400 (possibly more) calories. This might be safe for about a week, if you don’t pass out on the floor while working out.

  197. CAZ says:


  198. Julia says:

    She looks terrible. I hate how her body is shaped. Same goes to Madonna and Gwyneth. Not feminine at all.

  199. Jax says:

    I feel tha same way about Madonna and Gwenyth’s body BLAH! Also, if i was a mult0millionare who not only had that kind of time BUT had to be in the public eye FOR A LIVING….I’d look “hot” too!

  200. Daisy says:

    Well, I am going to try her 30 day method bootcamp. Just bought her book and I am willing to give it a shot. Anyone else doing or has tried the 30 day challenge?

  201. mindy says:

    I bought the book too, but after figuring out the grocery list and taking a trip to the store, the thought of the cost of food scared me. I am thinking about trying the diet above instead since it seems much simpler/ cheaper. I also bought the mat dvd and dance cardio dvd’s. The matt dvd is great, like everyone else says, however the aeribic dance dvd is really a challenge to learn. I was a figure skater my whole life with a fair amount of dance background, but I had a hard time picking up the choreography. I havent tried the “cardio” that comes with the book yet, so I am hoping it will be more manageable. Daysy, have you started the diet/workout yet? I am curious on how its going? I could use a weight loss buddy to keep me motivated!

  202. Tracey says:

    Hi Daisy

    I have just bought both the book and cardio workout dvd and start tomorrow. I am NOT going to do the diet just follow a healthy eating plan with the exercise plan and monitor my loss that way for the 30 days. I know I will fail dismally if I restrict myself so much – plus nightmare to manage along with the family’s meals, work, pets, housework and the commitment to the exercise programme.
    Good luck to all and happy to FB/Email anyone who wants to join me.

    Loads of luck to all – T

  203. Melissa says:

    At this point if you have anything to say that doesnt inspire the ladies working hard to live healthier lives and lose the weight that they feel would help them be more confident….stop! I am 17 years old and already have an independent workout video, two extreme research projects on fitness and am going to school for health development. I also am working towards getting my fitness certifications while i have already started training and have seen results in my work. I am a dancer and have done more research than a mom looking for a quick fix. I have looked into fitness through the sciences of it and it is a FACT….fewer calories + increase in exercise= weight loss. This program is for weight loss, not living a satisfying healthy lifestyle. All of these foods are healthy but this is something to help the fatigue that most woman get when trying to lose weight. You have to dedicate time to working out. It is the most important parts to a healthy happy lifesyle and i will put money on that statement. To all the ladies working towards your fitness goals, god bless you and i hope you achieve everything you hope for. The foods in this diet, whether or not they are satisfying enough, are healthy and will give you enough to see what you want, as will almost any healthy diet will. You have to workout EVERY SINGLE DAY and it has to a priority. You have to push yourself and drip sweat, and i promise youll see results. I havent tried tracy’s system but i am very interested. Everyone work for what you want and dont give up!

  204. sactownfox says:

    Hello everyone, I just purchased Tracy Anderson’s 30-day Method. this book caught my eye and I am on day two of the workouts. I am a long distance runner and i usually do a lot of plyometrics, isometric, and “regular” weight training. I have started the mat workouts, i have not yet tried her cardio. I am one of those crazy-runner-gals so it’s going to be hard to totally give up running. I have started the diet, however I am doing a little mixing and matching only because I just went grocery shopping and i have most ingredients for the recipe’s and a lot of extra’s, so i don’t want to waste fruits and veggies. For the most part though i am following it, i am just swapping out similar snacks, dinner etc

    I am wondering what people do for cardio. Is there a structured cardio workout , ie treadmills workouts or what she does in her bootcamps? Any direction would be great. Anyone else starting the bootcamp? Thanks!

  205. Anja says:

    TO ALL OF YOU WHO SAY THE DIET IS NUTS: Maybe. but I am not American and usually probably eat half what you do, and her diet is the only one that works for someone who has as slow metabolism as mine. Her diet and workout may seem harsh for people with regular metabolism who overeat themselves all the time – for a person like myself, consuming not more than 1300 – 1400 calories a day and still not losing weight that’s the only solutions. And the workout really awakes parts of muscles that are not used in regular workout class. I am a working mother and I still make it, so can you.

  206. yes says:

    i recommend highly tracy anderson’s method to anyone. her intense cardio and toning exercises will show results quickly thus motivating the individual to continue her method. her method is addicting. i do not follow her diet but i eat with portion-control attitude. please try this workout as it will not let you down!

  207. ilps7 says:

    Hello everybody, I read most of your comments, and there are many facts and opinions that you’ve put out, but I’ll have to say that I strongly agree with those of you who recognized that the calorie intake per day that Tracy suggests is way too low, if indeed it is only 680 calories… We should be eating about 1200 calories, daily. Kristen (#6), thank you for doing your research and explaining it so well – I definitely agree with you!!

    What I would like to add is this: has anyone taken a look at THE ZONE DIET? It’s not really a diet, but the healthiest way that we should eat, the best way that our bodies naturally respond to food. Barry Sears talks about eating balanced AT EVERY MEAL, and besides eating too little, each recommended meal above is NOT BALANCED. Sometimes, it is just carbs (fruits) or more protein compared to carbs, etc… 7 grams of protein, 9 grams of carbohydrates, 1.5 grams of fat are each “one block”, as Sears puts it, of each macro-nutrient (protein, carbs, fat). So, for example, if you want to eat 2 blocks of protein at one meal (14 g of protein), you should also be eating 2 blocks of carbohydrates (18 g of carbs) and 2 blocks of vegetable (not animal) fat (3 g of fat) at that same meal. The key is balance. This is healthiest, and you will be able to sustain it long-term, lose weight and feel great. I know, because I am applying it myself and I feel great and am losing weight (as well, I exercise – walk or dance with some strength training, 30-60 minutes total, 3-5 days per week).

    HOWEVER, there is a “catch” (or more catches, I should say)… We should be losing NO MORE than 1 lb(pound) of weight per week. If we lose more, we are losing water and muscle mass, which is not good, it’s even dangerous. Don’t do it. Our bodies (and this has been researched and proven) cannot lose more than 1 pound of fat per week.

    Second, women should eat between 9-14 blocks per day as I explained above, with the number of blocks increasing as the exercise frequency, duration, intensity increases; basically, your body tells you what to do. I do NOT agree with shocking your body into losing weight too quickly, like Tracy or anybody else would advocate; it’s just not healthy and could be dangerous, as your body may make permanent unhealthy adaptations. So, again, a big no-no.

    Don’t get me wrong: I love Tracy and what she tries to do for women. I have recently started studying her method and her meal plans. I can use some things, definitely, but not everything. Every person’s body is different, and even if one person could endure a lot less calories than needed for the strenuous workout she recommends, not everybody can, and it may affect another person quite pronouncedly. The key is balance, moderation, and – like many of you said, if you want to truly sustain the weight (fat) loss long-term, then you are looking at a lifestyle change, in both eating and workout habits. If you lose weight too quickly by starving yourself initially, you will be sure to gain it back, in 1-2 years (if not sooner). I’ve seen this happen again and again.

    The key is health…. This is most important. And if you eat healthy (balanced) like the zone recommends, exercise regularly (but not obsessively), you will feel great and in time you will come to look your best AND have much more energy to accomplish what you need to do. Sure, follow the Tracy method, but in moderation, and if you feel too tired or too hungry (or hungry too often, etc..), then you know that you are not eating enough (or not balanced enough).

    Thank you so much for all of your comments, and I hope I helped with some of this info. I recommend picking up “The Zone”, by Barry Sears, PH. D. He did much research, initially driven by a fear of heart attack that was running in his family. It’s quite interesting what he has to say.

    All the best, to you all !!! Stay healthy, and remember: NO EXTREMES. After all, the Universe is all about balance. :)

  208. ilps7 says:

    # Kris H says:
    January 3rd, 2010 at 8:44 am

    I am approaching 45 (yikes) this year. I have a five year old and twin 3 year olds. I have never really had a weight problem but things seem to be shifting around and I don’t have the “tightness” I did even two years ago. I am really interested in Tracy’s DVD’s. Many of you on this blog seem quite young and I just wonder if her training is as effective on older women as well. I realize Madonna is older but her discipline is not exactly realistic.


    Hello Kris H (# 83),
    I haven’t yet seen Tracy’s DVDs, but I watched quite a few YouTube clips on her workouts and cardio methods; basically, I think they are safe, and fun and good. First of all, if you are not already working out a minimum of 3 days per week, 30 min cardio (moderate-fast walking or equivalent), you should really take it easy with Tracy Anderson. :) Build up your endurance first. Then, you can try her cardio (dance routines, etc) gradually; start with 10-20 min and may progress to 60 min in time (increasing with 10 min/week is ok). Strength training, however, or any crunches, basically any anaerobic exercises (those you can only do 1-2 min without break), you should do every 2 or 3 days, as your muscles need time to adapt and repair. Cardio you can do 3-6 days per week. Hope this helps!

  209. ilps7 says:

    Hello Olga from Greece (#84),

    I mentioned this in my previous comment – cardio you can do 3-6 days per week, 30-60 minutes each day, at a moderate intensity (fast paced walking, swiiming or dancing, etc); and strength workout only do 2-4 days per week (or every 2-3 days). You shouldn’t have to do more than 95 min total (cardio+workout, daily).

    You don’t have to go crazy with The Method. And make sure that you have the endurance to sustain Tracy’s recommendations. Go at your own pace – there is no pressure, the main point is to be HEALTHY. Also refer to my first (long) comment about The Zone Diet – eating healthy is just as important as exercising! All the best!

  210. Alice says:

    Hi girls ! This is Alice, writing from France. First of all i m 29′ , working out 6 days a week since 7 years running, working out with heavy weights for 1/1:30 h a day. I ve never really reached my ideal body goal , and tried different types of diets ( i m 173 cm tall and weight around 57/59 kg): i have little belly fat ant fat on my hips and tights on top of all my big muscles, which makes me look “flabby” ! After loosing my periods due to these unusefull diets ( i ve took bzck the weight still eating healthy and neverr could putting it off again even without eating, i ve decided to take care of my body and work with it and not agzinst it anymore. I now eat very healthly not taking in count calories because calories doesn t mean anything ! 500 g of salad is the equivalent of a burger full of saturated fat , sugar and poor quality cheese ?!? Eat raw and non processed food- eliminate sugar eat a lot of whole grain, vegetables and non saturated fat together with non fat meat and a lot of fish and your health and weight will maintain at a healthy level! And firts of all donnot snack all day long ! 3 meals & 1 snack in the afternoon ( if hungry only) is the best !
    About the training I ve just started the tracy anderson mat workout for a week now and i already see huge results: my legs are leaner my little belly is going off ( after only 5 workouts !) i m stunned by these results that all my different workout experience ( even p90x) didn t help me achieve ! I ve ordered the dance workout and will give it a try for 1 month : if it works it would have be the solution i was watching after for many years now !
    My advice is to eat healthy without being hungry , stop counting useless calories and find the workout you enjoy ! And if tracy anderson s method works ( and it seems to – my body can tell) just enjoy it !

  211. sallie says:

    Ok, I’m gonna give it a go…attempting a week first since I have a bunch of post-pregnancy weight to lose. I just ordered the post-pregnancy video and did it twice, so far so good. Has anyone tried the beginner cardio video? i’m thinking about ordering it as I know the cardio and mat workouts I bought a couple of years ago will be a little much for me right now so I will need to work up to them. Anyway, I’m going to try and do a daily blog on how it goes on my website above with weekly progress reports…anyone want to join me?

  212. Joanna says:

    I have just got Tracy’s mat workout and dance cardio so I’m going to start them from this evening. I am also trying to follow a similar diet but I will add a little interest with olive oil, spices and balsamic vinegar. I know this kind of defeats the point but I just don’t think I would stick at it if I didn’t make a few dinners a little tastier. I am 186lbs at the moment and am 5 foot 7 inches. My ideal would be to go down to 145lbs. A lot but I can’t stay this huge anymore!!!! Wish me luck and good luck to anyone else on this diet. :)

  213. Jackie says:

    OMG! I just calculated the calories of the first day of this diet on sparkpeople and it’s only 748 calories, or about HALF of what you should be eating! It’s very nutritious and actually has some good ideas in it but seriously DOUBLE these meals if you want to be healthy, especially if you are working out 2 hours a day! You need to eat at the bare minimum 1200 calories a day otherwise you are starving your body and doing more harm than good. It may take you longer to lose the weight, but you’ll be healthier and keep it off in the long-run. If you follow this sparse meal plan and then return to your previous habits, it’s a mathematical certainty you will gain everything back and more.

  214. Sue Anaya says:

    What do you do with the Kashi Cereal to substitute it if you are gluten intolerant? Does anyone know?

  215. Sebastian says:

    I just bought DVD yesterday. The cardio looks great too. I can’t wait to get some real result!

  216. KRL says:

    Has anyone done the Metamorphasis DVD’s? I just bought the Abcentric and have not yet opened it. Still deciding if I can handle it (the diet mainly looks very difficult to maintain) Just curious what real peoples results are with this set.

  217. momof2 says:

    I think everyone is pretty clear about the caloric intake and the risks involved. I would say for those who start to feel sluggish or have headaches, low energy when they engage in caloric restrictions…be smart about it. Most people know their own pattern and how long they can stick with something like this. The key is to eat healthful foods (colored veggies, fruits) while cutting back on carbs, sugars the obvious. Drinking plenty of water is key as well….you will SWEAT on this regimen. I started the 90 day metamorphasis a week ago and have lost 3 lbs. I am 5 feet 6 inches and after getting up to 153 lbs started with Jillian’s kettle bell workout for a month and droped about 10 lbs in only 25-30 minutes 5-6 x’s each week. I wanted to switch things up and started TA and I fumbled through the dance the first couple of times, but like she says you can “free style” at times instead of stopping b/c you are lost. The mat workout is the real deal and I already feel stronger in being able to complete more of each set on the floor. I am hoping to get back to 125-13o lbs for health and energy purpose….and to fit back into my smaller clothes! Good luck and thanks for all the feedback about the various dvd’s.

  218. Anonymous says:


    so i have the Complete Series workout DVDs..when everyone speaks of the mat DVD is it pretty much the same thing? the series is 3 levels of DVDs all about 55 min that do crazy stuff with the chiar for butt work stuff, arms n abs. can anyone tell me what the mat dvd is like?

  219. Stephanie says:

    very helpful reading everyone’s comments. I am a mom of 4 boys and have been doing the cardio 3-4 times a week, and supplementing with the mat workout most of those days as well. I’m wondering if anyone has a good shoe recommendation for the dance cardio? I’ve been doing it in my old asic gel running shoes and the balls of my feet are very very sore. It’s definitely time for new shoes but I’m wondering if there is a pair specifically designed to absorb some of the shock of all the jumps?


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