The finish line has arrived!

It’s time to break out the champagne, chocolate, cheese and all the other things I couldn’t eat for the last three weeks and toast to my success on Standard Process’ 21-Day Purification and Weight Loss Program. I did it! Yay!!

Unfortunately I do not weight myself, but I do know for a fact that I lost weight/inches. My clothes fit better and I can tell just by looking in the mirror. I even went bathing suit shopping and have never been happy with the way my body looked in a bikini until now. Sure I have a few more areas to tweak, but aren’t we all a work in progress?

I will adopt a similar style eating pattern by giving up added salt, sugar, keep processed foods to a minimum and only have white flour on special occasions. I really don’t want to balloon back up to the weight I was before. I’m liking the new me. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the Standard Process cleanse either.

You are lucky because I can’t believe I am letting the world see before and after photos of my abs. It’s so embarrassing, but I’m definitely less flabby. I’m not exactly where I want to be yet, but the cleanse was a great starting point. The after photo was taken on June 12th.

Here’s what I ate today:

9:30am Breakfast: shake with apple

11:45am Lunch: ground chicken stir fried with yellow peppers and spinach

12:00pm: 3/4 mango

1:00pm: 40min  run/walk

2:30pm: shake with black grapes and 1/2 cup raw almonds

7:00pm: salmon with stir fried collard green and spinach, pear

Note: all shakes are made with the SP Complete powder, Whole Food Fiber, cinnamon, stevia and ice.

92 Responses to “Day 21: Standard Process Cleanse and Detox Diet for Weight Loss”
  1. Amber says:

    I wish you were wearing the same outfit so that we could REALLY get the effect, but it sure looks like it worked wonders for you – congratulations!!!! These photos just might be the extra nudge I need to get me doing it. Thanks!

  2. Sharen Wilson says:

    I was always searching for a site like this so that i can get some tips to loos weight. The above information given by you is very impressive and helpful.

  3. Katie says:

    I am on day 2 of my cleanse and i’m getting nervous….. I’m not finding vegetables that i really like, but i’m doing ok with the shakes and fruits…. we’ll see how it goes.

  4. Mediterranean Diet Blog says:

    You achieved amazing results, and your photos prove that all that hard work really paid off! Congratulations! P.S. The quality of information on your blog is really impressive, great work!

  5. Kelly says:

    Very good! My husband and I are on day 3 and so far so good…except the shakes are HORRBLE! Any advice?

  6. Oodora says:

    Hi Kelly, what are you putting in them?

  7. elisa says:

    First at all congratulations!!!!!!!!!
    a question:when did you make the first picture?It´s increible. Are these results with yoga,running/walking and this diet?Sorry for my English, I can read but not write very well.

  8. Jo says:

    I’m on day 5. My first batch of the shake was horrible. I was told to use 1/2 soy milk and 1/2 water. Too watery. Nutritionist also said to use banana. So my second batch was all soy milk, 1/2 cup of blueberries and 1/2 banana. It was delicious. The banana made the difference.

    Very happy to have found this site. My hubby is not doing it with me so I’m glad to “have company” during the cleanse. Congrats Oodora on completing the whole course. The hard work paid off.

    Good luck everyone!

  9. TBA says:

    Thanks for the postings – I’m on Day 1! Do you use salt at all during the cleanse? And what about pure fruit juice for the shakes?

  10. Oodora says:

    No salt and only fruit juice if you juice it yourself, but I would stay away from juice and only eat the whole fruit. You should limit fruit if you want more weight loss.

  11. Anonymous says:

    hi Oodora, great job with the cleanse. i also did the cleanse and loved it, but I am on day 20 and am terrified to be finished. I am concerned that when the cleanse is done I will be unable to keep the weight off. Do you know if the supplements and shakes are said to be the key to weight lose? thanks cc

  12. Kel says:

    This seems like a great detox but I am a little skeptical on those pictures– the size of your chest changed drastically! I have a large chest and don’t want to lose it!!

  13. Oodora says:

    Nope, my chest is still the same size :) But breast are made a fat, so if you have a lot of weight to lose then you may go down a size or two. Everyone is different.

  14. ilyana says:

    What was your exercise regime during the cleanse like?
    Congratulations on your results, your body looks fantastic!

  15. norman says:

    Hey! Nice job here! I’ll be dropping by from time to time :)

  16. Connie says:

    THANK YOU – so much – for documenting your cleanse journey! I am on Day 12 and doing okay. Still having trouble eating enough and only doing 2 shakes per day. I’m going the “ultimate” route, so no meats, etc. Yesterday – Day 11 – I had my FIRST “great” day … loads of energy, very peppy and “light” feeling. Today, I cratered after only being up an hour or so and went back to bed for another 4 hours! What’s up with that?! I’m not weighing til Day 22 and I know I’m losing. Lack of energy is making it hard for me to get the exercise in. My big question: what does “a little cheat” – like a bite (or several) of something NOT on the plan – actually DO? Does it totally mess up the cleanse, or throw everything off, or is it just a little setback? Help, pls, I need encouragement! Thx. c. :)

  17. Oodora says:

    Keep up the good work, Connie! To answer your question, I think if you take a bite of something (depending on what it is) you should be OK, but try not to veer of course too much. You are cleansing after all! What do you want to cheat with anyhow?

  18. Evelyn says:

    I just started my cleanse I’m on day two and so far I’m doing great. I like the way the shakes taste all by themselves so I’m sure they are delicious with fruits. My goal is to do a cleanse and lose weight I will keep you posted, but great job on your results!

  19. Carolen says:

    I’m on day two and I feel miserable! First, the capsules are hard to get down (10 of them 3 times a day) and today the shakes are making me nauseous. I am not looking at vegetables as friends anymore either. I am committed to this (only 19 days to go) so please pray for me. I have been advised that this is the way to go-sorry-I just had to say it!!

  20. Oodora says:

    Hi Carolen,

    The first couple days are the hardest, but stick with it and you will be thankful in the end with your amazing results!

  21. Rene' says:

    I just started…Day 1. I just had my first shake and it is TERRIBLE. I don’t know how I will be able to drink 2 a day! I am a diet coke addict so I am worried about the withdrawals of that. I love the idea of the “cleanse” but I am doing this for the weight loss. I have gained about 10 to 15 pounds in the last year and a half and I want the off by the holidays. Is this realistic?

  22. Cindi says:

    Hi-I am on day 11 and feel great. The first 2 days were the worst-gagging on the pills and getting nausceous from the shakes. By day 3 I felt better already. My chiro recommended this cleanse because I have fibromyalgia. I have to say that the following problems are MUCH better already-my skin is less sensitive to touch, less hair loss, my body aches are lessened, I am sleeping like a log, I am more energetic and alert. I don’t seem to crave sweets either. I am actually beginning to like water. I hated it before and never drank any. I was worried I would have violent cramping and diarrhea but it never happened. I have a soft regular BM daily and it is good for me. I don’t feel bloated and gassy like I did before the diet. I have lost 7 lbs and my pants are loose on me. I could be a walking commercial for this product-I keep telling all of my friends and family to try it. I have varied alittle off the diet-such as a 2 inch Snickers on Halloween (I couldn’t resist), and I make taco soup to bring to work sometimes-using all natural ingredients-Newman’s salsa, hamburger, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, spinach, kidney beans, and chicken broth. I LOVE it and it is very satisfying on a cold day. I also use a tablespoon of Newman’s light viniagrette dressing on my salad. Most nights for dinner I have a veggie stir fry with summer squash, mushrooms, green beans and carrots in EVOO. Plus, I have 2 small pieces of broiled ocean perch. I told hubby before this diet that I could be a vegetarian but by day seven I craved chicken and fish BAD. I find the best shakes are made with 2 freshly squeezed tangerines, and 6 strawberries. I also occasionally substitute some of the fresh fruit with all natural 100% bottled grape juice (no fructose, colors, preservatives, etc.) Good luck to all of you-I definitely feel the effort is worth the gain in the way you feel.

  23. gg says:

    could you please tell me where i can find out how to do this diet??

  24. Oodora says:

    Hi GG, You can only get these products through a healthcare practitioner. Go to to find the one nearest to you.

  25. meg says:

    I’m on Day 12… And, I have to say – had I not found this site on Day 3 – I wouldn’t have continued with the detox, and headed out the door to go get my latté. Thank you for taking the time to post daily, as well as your awesome results. I can honestly say this is the BEST thing I’ve ever done for my body. I’m starting to look better in my midsection, arms & thighs… but BEST OF ALL – I FEEL the best I’ve felt in YEARS! ;-)

  26. Tanya says:

    Thanks so much for documenting your journey. This is my second time on the cleanse and, after trying several detox programs, find this program works well. I get amazing results. I am also happy to see how much you exercised. I find that the exercise (especially the cardio) really pays off.

    Good luck to everyone who commits this program — the results are worth it!!

  27. Matt says:

    Great job Oodora. I’m a doc who uses Standard Process almost exclusively in my practice, the cleanse is part of my practice. People do amazingly well on this cleanse if they stick with it. Having a site like this can really help. I saw a lot of people saying the shake tasted terrible. One of the tricks we use in our office is to use frozen berries, then cover them with just a little boiling water and blend that first. It gives a good base for the rest of the shake, some sweetness as well. Another thing that can be done is to get the inositol powder from Standard Process. It is sweet, can help with sugar cravings, as well as some of the jitteriness/nervousness that can come up. It is standard in my cleanse protocol. It’s great to see so many dedicated people here, keep up the good work, it is so worth it.

  28. julesnicki says:

    You look amazing! I wish you would have weighed yourself. It looks like you lost 20 lbs!

    I’m starting today! for updates!

  29. Maria says:

    Hi. Thanks for documenting this detox, there is great info here. I’m considering the cleanse after my acupuncturist recommended it. I need to rebalance my hormones and she suggested I start with this cleanse. When I went to the SP website, it stated that only fruits, vegees, wild rice and lentils were allowed during the first 10 days, but I noticed that you were consuming animal proteins. Do most people consume the animal proteins during the first 10 days despite the instructions? Is the cleanse intolerable for the first 10 days if you don’t consume something other than what SP recommends? Thanks.

  30. Ahmad says:

    This seems amazing, I want to try it, how much does the 21 day cleanse kit cost?

  31. Kristy says:

    Hello everyone, I am going to start this diet tomorrow so I hope everyone helps me! Where do i get the pills at? Is it at GNC?

  32. Dawn says:

    I am on day one of my cleanse and this site has helped me to want to make it all the way through. Thanks to all of you who have sent your stories over. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and this was recommended to me to reset my system and clear out the toxins. Both my husband and I are doing this program and we are hoping for great results- ie- a baby! Good luck to all doing this and I am proud of all the strong persistent people who have done all 21 days.

  33. Johanna says:

    I am on day 10 – this is my second time doing the SP detox. The cravings lessen considerably after day 5 or 6 – at least for me – so hang in there. I am a vegetarian and I am not doing the detox for weight loss – just to detox. The first time I did this, I went down two sizes, which was a surprise because I had not intended to lose any weight. I also changed my eating habits considerably afterwards. I found that week one was tough and was an adjustment. Week two really focused you on what your body was feeling, wanted and needed. And week three focused me on how I was going to move the detox diet into my daily life after. After the detox, I cut out all fruit juice, most bread and most pasta. I eat raw much more now than I used to. My problem was the sweets. I cut down my chocolate intake significantly, but it creeps back up, which I why I am doing the detox again a year later. I just realized that I could eat soup, which is exciting and also, this time around, I stumbled upon frozen rasberries. They are an awesome after dinner snack when you are craving chocolate or ice cream. The shakes are also good if you use banana and frozen fruit with a little flax oil. Good luck everyone. Day 10 woohoo!

  34. Lorin says:

    I just started The SP cleanse and am on Day1….. very frustrating, i could literally go crazy!
    I did the cleanse last year and saw dramatic results, and unfortunately have went back to my bad
    ways…. hints the weight gain from going from 160-142 on the cleanse… now I’m back up to 160 again.
    Any good recipes or advice anyone can give would be great!

  35. Doug says:

    Thanks for posting your experience. I am on Day 3 (just finished) and I am finding this much better than I expected. I am a little hungry but feel light and good. I find that the shakes are easy with frozen unsweetened fruit and a 1/2 banana. Lentil soup was pretty good (plenty of vegetarian recipes out there) and since I don’t drink caffeine or diet soft drinks and regularly eat raw veggies the transition has been easy. My purpose is the cleanse of toxins with a secondary effect of losing 10-12lbs. This is a jump start to a healthier (organic and grass-fed) lifestyle. Omnivore’s dilemma (author of food, inc.) inspired me to change my eating habits.

    Lorin – do a search for vegetarian lentil soup. There are some good recipes out on the web.

  36. LastRat says:

    I began the New Year by going cold turkey re: all processed foods. Cut out just about all foods I was used (addicted) to. No soda, ice cream, chips, cookies, beer… But after 10 day and a few headaches I had lost 10 lbs.
    THEN I began the 21 day program.So maybe for me the “hard part” had passed. For the complete program I never deviated once from suggested foods on the diet. I ate almost all organic. I sauteed whatever vegetables I knew I liked that were on the list. After a week or so I began to get bored and tried new ones. I bought big bags of frozen fruits (Dole) to use with the shakes. Just added 1 cup of water and 1 cup of fruit and 2 tablespoons of Forta-Flax. Tastes GREAT. Fruit is the difference! Many days all I ate were the shakes. I was still able to do so serious cycling even with this diet.
    I finished the program without any problems. I lost another 17 lbs. during it bringing my 31 day weight loss to 27 lbs. I have completely changed my eating habits because of this. I am now eating only vegetables and fruit. I recently began drinking organic fat free milk. Sometimes mixing it to make even thicker shakes. If you are committed this 21 day program WILL work for you. My usual aches have disappeared. Organic is more expensive, for sure. Most items I seem to pay about 20-25% more for. But I can justify that as it is better for me and I am already saving way more than that by cutting out all the snacks etc. This was a huge learning experience for me. Good luck to those just starting out with the plan…

  37. LC says:

    Thanks Oodora! Your blog is super informative & helpful! Today, my husband and I began our first day on the cleanse; we are excited to see the physical results at the end of the 21 days but above all we are looking forward to feeling lighter, healthier & MORE energized! The 21 st day will fall on my 29th B-day (didn’t plan it this way, it just happened) so its a great way for me to start fresh!

    Congrats to all of you that have completed the program…. it takes great dedication & good luck to all of you that are currently in the process!

  38. Sae says:

    I have IBS/sensitive stomach. Bloating most days of the week is very common; good BMs, no diarrhea/constipation, but some acid reflux. So I was wondering if anyone who has a similar condition has started this program and if the stomach issues were aggravated while on this program.

  39. ken says:


  40. Oodora says:

    Ken, Sorry to disappoint but those photos above are me, taken by me. No planned advertisement or scam. Besides I don’t make money by selling Standard Process so how would this be an advertisement????

  41. Kamavel says:

    For IBS look into activated charcoal. Do your own research but it worked magic for me.

  42. Nadia says:

    I’m on Day 6 – the first couple days were HARD. Sometimes I want to quit but … I’m getting through it. It was nice to read all these entries and see that folks have felt just like me. I WILL make it through.

    I mix my shakes with fresh juiced fruit juice (mostly apple base) and throw in other fruits – strawberries, pears, pineapple, grapes – handful of spinach. The taste is not awful and I am now used to it. I did have some trouble at first with a gag reflex on the 10 pills 3x day. I now make sure that I take them with LOTS of water – which helps getting in all the water. It is DO-ABLE!!!

  43. Clagdara says:

    Thanks to everyone for the posts. I’m on day 2 and I’m having a tough time. I currently have a horrible headache that I wish would go away. I’ve been having about 3 shakes a day, 2 of which I use to choke down my pills. I’ve been eating fresh fruits and vegetables for the most part. My husband and I tried to stir fry some vegetables last night but it wasn’t very good. My major downfall is sweets so I would do anything for a butterfinger or some ice cream right now, but I’m resisting. My husband wanted to participate in the detox as well but he was worried that the cleanse would be too much for his single kidney. So he’s trying to just follow my diet and drink the shakes. He’s not on the pills. Is this an acceptable way for him to approach this? I worry that he isn’t getting enough nutrients and will soon fall off the wagon and drag me down too…

  44. Christine says:

    I’m on day 2 of my detox and it’s torture! The shakes are starting to make me nauseous, or maybe it’s the pills…I’m trying so hard to stick to my veggies, fruits and shakes plan but I have so many cravings for sweets (which is my downfall). It has been two of the longest days of my life and I’ve thought of quitting probably 10 times already. I haven’t cheated but it’s hard. I keep hoping that it will get better in a few days like people say but I’m skeptical. Any suggestions besides veggies, fruits and shakes for the first 10 days?

    Also, my husband wanted to participate in the detox with me but he’s worried that the cleanse will be too much for his single kidney. So he’s opted to just follow my diet and consume the shakes, but he’s having a tough time too. I’m not really hungry, just mentally hungry, but I think he’s actually hungry. Is it possible for him to get enough nutrition with what he’s doing? Thanks to all!

  45. katie says:

    Hi, I am on day 6. I have lost 6 pounds already. I have been doing 2 shakes per day with veggies and salad through out the day. i do find that drinking green tea during the day has helped. i dont know if this is allowed but it is helping. i started walking today for 30 minutes and will keep that up during the rest of the detox. i noticed everyone discussing the pills. i put mine in the shake. my chiro said it is fine since i dont swallow pills. the other 7 pills i take with water a bit discussing but i do what i can.

  46. Linda says:

    Hi – i’m on day 10 and have only lost one pound – i’m feeling a bit discouraged. I’m following the plan exactly and eating so many more veggies than fruit. I’m not sure what else i can do, but when did you guys start to see a change in how you look? I took a picture on day one and today and i look exactly the same.

  47. kaydee says:

    I am starting the cleanse this sunday. I am a little nervous. Does anyone have any recommendations and helpful tips.


  48. Kimberly says:

    I am on day one of the cleanse. More like hour 5 of the cleanse. I am fairly certain I will be okay with the dietary restrictions, I am just having an insanely hard time with the taste of the powder and pills. Does anyone have any suggestions for this? It has taken me all morning just to get the first batch of pills down.

  49. Fiona says:

    Hey guys, I’m starting the program next week. I will keep you all posted as it goes. Glad I stumbled upon this. I am going to take pictures and well and journal this experience. Thanks to all who have posted!

  50. lisa says:

    I am so excited to find this. this will be my third time on the SP Purification. Both times i had great results! First time I did it to purify, detox and jump start my weight loss post baby. It was an amazing experience! I think I lost about 11 pounds total. Second time i lost about 8 was hard but it was totally worth it. I did the hard core version with no animal proteins or rice or lentils. Just plain old fruits and veggies and shakes with flax seed oil. I grew to LOVE those shakes!!!!! I am excited to start again this coming Monday will be my first day. One question, are you allowed to have Stevia and spices? for some reason, i thought we were not allowed to add any flavors except fresh herbs like cilantro etc. But on the SP Purification booklet it now mentiones things like Celtic Sea Salt and spices like Cinnamon etc. What do you think???? I would LOVE to be able to flavor things up a bit with Cinnamon and Stevia! YUM. Can’t wait for my first shake but not as excited about the caffeine headache to come my way….

  51. Christina says:

    How much do you weigh now if you dont mind me asking? I am wondering for those who are shedding the weight were heavier and weight came off much faster. I am wondering if I will be in your same boat at day 10. I am 5’2″ and 128, and wondering if I will shed as much weight. I am on day 4, and feel great!

  52. Julie says:

    Today is day 7 for me and I think I have done pretty well so far, but not so good yesterday. Anyway, I have read all of these comments and I hope that more people who have blazed the trail before us will post more recipes and ideas for those of us just beginning. I have lost 6 1/2 pounds in 6 days and hope for many more. I have found that I am getting used to the shakes and pills and it is becoming a routine for me. I definitely want to lose a lot of weight so I want to make sure that I am following the cleanse exactly as written. I will definitely be incorporating more exericse in it. Thanks to everyone for your comments and suggestions. It has definitely helped.

  53. Christine says:

    I am starting the SP Purification today! My smoothie the morning was very good. I would love to hear more success stories!!!

  54. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think these pics are you. There is a huge difference in both shape & size of your breasts…

  55. Mari says:

    Thank you for posting your success, and allowing those of us to read about the experience of others. My acupuncturist suggested this program to me as way to start weight loss and to get off sugar. I’m on day 3 of the program. I suffer from migraines and have had a severe one for two days. I drank a bit of coffee on the first two days to prevent them but it has not helped. I’m excited and hopeful to complete the program. I like the shakes and have no trouble with the pills. I have trouble drinking that much water. I drink about 40 oz. a day usually so the additional water has become a hurdle.

  56. Amanda says:

    I’m on Day 6 of the program and have lost 15 pounds. For anyone considering this but feeling skeptical, try it! The first few days are very hard, but if you can make it past Day 3 it gets easier. I am already sleeping better, and many of my aches and pains are much less frequent.

  57. Dr. Lauterbach says:

    Great job Documenting: Extremely difficult but worth it. I recommend Acupuncture & Massage during program to ease cravings. You should & will feel worse, Headaches are common……. Breakthroughs are tough… Keep up the good work!….

  58. CGreen says:

    Hey, don’t forget your thyroid! My nutitionish added the mediherb thyroid complex with the SP Cleans regimen. I am over 40 and have zero metabolism – keep your thyroid going to boost the metabolism too. I’ll be starting the cleanse again Monday for my second time. gotta get in my bikini body by Labor Day! wish me luck and thanks for the recipes. Cinnamon and Stevia is getting old. . . .headaches hear I come

  59. Carli says:

    The pics are her because the belly button is exactly the same detective. my husband and I did the detox he lost 20 lbs and I lost 17lbs. its the best thing ever!! I wish I could afford to be on it constantly because i have never felt better. and I wont ever go back to feeling the way I did before. We vowed to do it every year.

  60. Jj says:

    The deceiving part is the arm placement . I would have liked to have seen the after pics with your arms down at your aides as in the before pic. I’m just saying, everyone looks better with their arms over tear heads.

  61. Bev says:

    I am on day 3, and struggling a little bit. I don’t mind the shakes and am doing 3 per day at this point, I have had small amounts of chicken because I needed some extra protein. I made some vege lentil soup but it is hard to get down, I think its the texture I am considering blending it. I think today is the worst day so far because I feel so tired and had trouble getting up this morning. Just seeing your results is encouraging. I am doing the cleanse to mainly rebalance my body and hormones and hopefully end headaches and fatigue and to shed a few lbs.

  62. Diana Peart says:

    Just completed day 21. I am 63 yrs old & have dealt w/the challenge of fibromyalgia for 20 yrs. Thought I would have more energy. I am experiencing disappointment right now. By sticking w/the new lifestyle will I experience more energy. Soon?

  63. Tracy says:

    I’m on Day 6 right now and the past few days have been a challenge. I’ve been hungry where I wasn’t the first 3 days. I add protien powder to the 2 shakes I have each day. I am also frustrated with only losing 2 lbs as I need to lose about 70 lbs. I do remember when I did this cleanse several yrs ago that I struggled to lose weight on it in the first 10 days. I am not currently exercising due to knee pain and work schedule but will start working out again for the last 2 weeks of the cleanse.

    I’ve stayed away from chicken fish so far, trying to make it to Day 11 but this is getting old. I actually have a good amount of energy and better sleep. The issue is more my lack of time to be creative with the food. I have bought the Whole Foods Carrot and Ginger soup which is great and some roasted vegetables as well but my mainstay is salads and raw veggies.

    Would appreciate any others going through this giving some ideas. I really want to see this through since I have done it before, but I am struggling and the lack of weight loss isn’t helping.

  64. La says:

    Like others have said, your after photo seems just too good to be true, unless you don’t work and have 4hrs a day for running and exercise. Regardless we are starting ye cleanse for Heath benefits. Hopefully dome weight loss will come. I’m only about 5-10 pounds over my perfect weight, just out of practice exercise wise.

  65. Shaune says:

    Here are my results. This is all without working out, just changing my diet and following the detox. I completed the 21 day detox a month ago and here is what happened (hopefully the chart comes through cleanly – just in case it doesn’t, I lost 20 lbs and 17 of it was fat):
    SP Cleanse Diet Body Fat % BMI Weight Fat lbs
    Day 1 26.85% 31.9 216 58.0
    Day 4 26.60% 31.9 207.5 55.2
    Day 6 24.80% 30.6 205.5 51.0
    Day 14 22.70% 30 202 45.9
    Day 21 20.90% 29.2 196 41.0
    Results 5.95% 2.7 20 17.0

  66. Traci says:

    -THANK YOU so much for this website! I start the detox tomorrow. I am very skeptical about it but at this point, I’m just also desperate and frustrated. I will read this every day and everyone’s comments/feedback for encouragement! LOL

    EVERYONE-keep up the good work and the comments-it helps more than you think!

  67. Mandy says:

    Just started the cleanse today and I am really not happy with it. The shakes are AWFUL, in fact I instantly got sick after drinking my first sip. I feel like crap, I am tired and hungry and fuzzy feeling. I am starting to think this might not be for me…

  68. Jackie says:

    Here’s another website with some recipes and info. Its a blog written by a N.D doing the cleanse and a patient.

  69. Deb says:

    My husband and I both are on day one of the cleanse. We were told to mix the shake powder in a blender with 1-1/2 cup frozen fruit, 8 oz. Water and a tablespoon of flax oil. My husband adds extra protein powder. The shakes are like a smoothie and not too bad. My friend also uses some juice in place of water. The pills are horrible and I hope I can grow to tolerate them. Tonight we had a sweet potato with real butter, cooked cabbage and some lentils cooked with carrots and green onions. I am one and one half years out of chemotherapy for breast cancer and thought this might be a good idea. We also both hope to loose weight and break our sugar addictions. My friend has done this before and it greatly lowered his blood pressure and cholesterol. Glad I found this site to help give me moral support. That left over trick or treat candy is too close for comfort….ha!

  70. Alina says:

    :) on say 12! I can’t wait to eat chicken or fish tonight ^_^
    I havent weighed myself since i started, I told myself I wouldn’t until I finish but I definitely can see results. For years I’ve struggled with my weight because I am sensitive to sugar and flour. This program completely changed my life so far. I have never felt so positive about myself. It gave me a whole new lifestyle…. where i was depressed before I can now actually get out of bed in the mornings….which is a lot to say for a nocturnal college student :P

    I loved reading these blogs and all the comments. They definitely helped motivate me. and I don’t care how many people don’t believe that’s her because of her new acquired breast size because I dropped a whole size and I am only on day 12 and NOT exercising like she has.

    My fear is that once I put chicken and fish in my diet that I will not lose anymore weight…. did anyone else experience that?? or is this just me mentally sabotaging myself? :)


  71. Purnima says:

    I’d like to do the cleanse for better digestion and elimination; improved memory, and increased energy.
    Can anyone comment on the effect the cleanse had for you in regard to my current personal goals?

    Weight loss is not primary for me at this time and I’m a fairly good eater, sometimes I eat more sugar than I’d like do. Been doing this recently.

    Thanks for any personal experiences you can share.


  72. Alina says:


    my energy was SOOOOOOmuch higher. I never woke up wanting to sleep more. As for digestion, you have so many more BMs and none of the stomach cramping or anything. I really would suggest this…. it isn’t something for just weight loss….it makes your whole body just work better!

  73. Cheryl says:


    I’m starting this system tomorrow but not for weight loss. I currently suffer from Candida and I’ve already lost too much weight. My acupuncturist suggested this system to cleanse the toxins not only from my colon, but my kidneys, and liver as well. I’ve been following the Candida diet for 5 months so I’m used to mainly veggies, no/low carb & sugars, and no yeast. Has anyone gone through this system for a Candida problem and how did you feel when you completed this? Also, were you able to re-introduce foods afterwards without the Candida symptoms coming back?


  74. Vickie says:

    I am on day 3 of the SP 21 program. Day 1 was somewhat easy, even though I had visions of yummie food in my head. On Day 2 -came the extreme pounding headache. Lying down helped, today it is there but very mild. Hoping it doesn’t come back strong today. I was also very tired at the end of the day the first two days. I understand that is normal and will change -maybe today. :) The sakes are not so bad if you sprinkle some stevia them. I actually feel full all day, probably from the abundance of pills and water I have to consume. Wish me luck, I hope I make it!

  75. Chell says:

    Just started today-great information. im having some caffine withdrawl, but not very hungry.
    thanks to everyone for posting.

  76. Carla says:

    Hi i will be starting the cleanse on Monday. I was reading your diet and noticed that you were eating protein right from the beginning and I thought you were not supposed to eat it until day 11.

  77. Leah says:

    I’m currently on day 7 of the SP Cleanse, I’ve gained 4 lbs since starting, I feel bloated constantly and haven’t noticed any difference in the way my clothes fit. I still crave foods like cheese, bread and coffee. I’ve got the shakes and pills down to a science but I don’t feel like I’m being “purified”. The fatigue has subsized and I’ve slept better but that’s about the only changes I’ve felt. Why? Help!? I’ve heard so many great things about this cleanse and I’m not noticing any positive changes. HELP!!!

  78. Alicia says:

    Not sure I believe that the after photo is really you. It looks like your breasts shrank several cup sizes.

  79. Ann says:

    I am considering doing this (actually have an appt with a Dr.) I have a comment and a question…..
    Your 2nd photo was not taken in the same position as the 1st. Your arms are held up which affects the appearance of the “armpit fat”. You may want to consider taking a photo in the same position and as someone remarked earlier, in the same clothes.

    I’m used to drinking red wine nightly. I suppose that’s not allowed on the program. I know I can do everything else, but not sure about that. Your thoughts?
    Thank you!

  80. Oodora says:

    Yep, that’s really me!

  81. Kate says:

    I am on my sixth day of the cleanse and not feeling any weight loss. (I do feel better having fought through the caffeine detox) I have been putting approx. 1c of berries and 1 banana in the shake (I drink the same shake 2 x a day). other than that just veggies with the lentil soup. I am drinking so much water, as well. Is there something I am doing wrong? Also, how much did you exercise? I have only worked out about three times this week as I’ve been so tired. Any tips are appreciated! I want to make sure I lose weight :)

  82. Emily says:

    I am currently on day 4 of the cleanse. The first shake I made was horrible. I put a cup of organic 100% grape juice with no preservatives or unnatural coloring or flavoring in it. Plus I put A little pineapple strawberries and blueberries in it. And a half of a banana. Ice helps the texture. It tastes pretty much amazing. Lol. Day 3 was the hardest, I work at a daycare and I had to serve the kids doritos… I wanted to eat one so bad. Hahaha. I haven’t weighed myself since day one, I’m not sure if I can see results yet but it’s getting easier to eat just fruit rice and veggies. I absolutely hate lentils!!!! What is the recipe for the lentil soup everyone is talking about?

  83. Ash says:

    I just finished day 4 of the cleanse and have been very fatigued… which was the main reason I started the detox. I saw the post a few above about being bloated… I am as well. Would really like to know what causes that??? I had two episodes day 2 of feeling like I was going to pass out (sweating, dizzy, nausea) but that only happend that day so hopefully not again!
    I would really just like a cracker.. haha… but I’ll keep fighting through until day 21 to hopefully have more energy!!

  84. aspire says:

    Started Day 1 today. Felt amazing after drinking my first shake ( made with Juice from carrot, apple, spinach, broccoli & celery + Complete Dairy free). Really excited to take this step towards achieving a better ME :) !

  85. BudgetRef says:

    I was glad to find this site. I am on Day 6. I feel very committed at this point and hope to continue the plan through Day 21 and with the intent to keepthe weight loss going strong. Wish me luck (and discipline) The best way to do the shake is to add a small amount of frozen fruit. Try lentil beans on top of half a sweet potato or onions, brooccoli and mushrooms with a touch of brown rice.

  86. Hilda says:

    Hi everyone, I need help here I am in day 3 of the detox and have been constipated since day one. I have to say I’ve had coffee every morning since I started the detox….. I feel I need it. Would that be the reason of my constipation? I’am drinking plenty of water and really sticking to the vegetable fruit program. I don’t know what else to do. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  87. Anne says:

    I’m now on Day 9. The first two days were rough – weakness and headaches but I think part of it was the caffeine (Starbucks addict) withdrawal. The shakes are a lifesaver- I make a big batch in my blender each night for 3 shakes the next day- strawberries, banana, spinach, the SP powder, flaxseed oil, and 1/2 cup pure apple or cranberry juice + water. Lots of salads and some Lentil Soup from whole foods. Feeling great.

  88. Toma says:

    @Hilda: are you talking Gastro Fiber along with SP Cleanse pills? They help a lot. Also eating a whole beet on an empty stomach will help with BM.
    I’m on day 2 of SP. So far very tired and headaches, though I’m drinking plenty of water and 2 shakes a day. But i’m sticking to it, after seeing Oodora’s pictures! :)

  89. Annie says:

    I am on day 8 – sticking to the program, just made the lentil soup for dinner last night and thus far I have only lost 1.5 lbs!!! I am getting frustrated, is anyone else having this problem?? PLEASE HELP!

  90. mary says:

    I am 58 and on day 3. Third time I have done this detox. It is the best. On a few occasions, I have done just a few days…to several to get a handle on going in the wrong direction with my eating, weight. I love the shakes….I just drink it with water and grab an apple. I need the crunch. I am hoping to make it thru this time. I have spiked up in my weight and need to regroup. Will let you know what happens.

  91. Chris says:

    I am on day 2 – sticking to the plan – so far so good. I’ve lost 3 pounds so far.

  92. Christine says:

    Hey i am on day two. I am a highschool student. A lady at my church introduced me to this cleanse. Shes a nutritionist. She told me to put nustevia in the shakes and they taste awesome. Its hard going to school seeing all my friends eat junk but i know im doing a favor for my body. Im doing it to lose some weight but also cleanse my body from all the nasty toxins i have put in it from food. These results are awesome! I cant wait to finish. After my 21 days is my homecoming at school so hopefully ill keep sticking to the healthy lifestyle. I have exercised and I feel so relaxed and its only day two! This has definitely kept me motivated!:)

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