Candying rose petals, or any edible flower, is one of the easiest ways to make your desserts look like a million bucks. You can even candy herbs, like mint or basil and add them to your cupcakes, cakes or chocolate truffles. Here are my easy steps to making beautiful candied rose petals:

1. You want to make sure you buy roses that are not treated with chemicals. Ask your source. I buy the tiny roses because I use them for my candies, but if you are using them for a cake or cupcake you can use the larger roses. Pull the entire flower off of its green base and pick out the prettiest petals. They are usually the ones in the middle of the flower. The inner ones are sometimes too small and the outer ones are sometimes too roughed up.

2. In a small bowl add one organic egg white with a teaspoon of water and whisk well. Set aside. In another bowl add fine white sugar and set aside. Using your fingers (the best tool for this) dip each petal into the egg white mixture making sure the entire petal is evenly coated with no excess.

3. Drop into sugar and evenly coat both sides.

4. Set aside to dry. Depending on the humidity the drying time may take just a few hours.

Once the petals are dry you can use them to decorate however you wish. This works the same for any flower or herb.

Voila! Candied rose petals!

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